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Never On Sunday

There have always been things that were banned on Sundays or because of personal reasons, you never did on that day.

  • A Welsh friend at Liverpool University called David Roberts didn’t use to drink on Sundays when I first met him. But we soon cured him of that!
  • My late wife, who had been a Sunday school teacher in her time, wouldn’t go to the cinema on Sunday, as her mother thought it ungodly.
  • For myself, I don’t think I went to a football match on a Sunday until I was about forty, as they were never staged on Sundays.

I also remember the first day, that C and myself went to the first 1000 Guineas at Newmarket on a Sunday. Now horse racing and most other sport on a Sunday is considered normal, just as it is in the rest of the world.

It also used to be that the Northern City Line didn’t run at weekends, despite having three stations that served The Emirates Stadium.

This morning before it rained, I took a trip to Harringay station to view the Wightman Road Bridge, by taking a 38 bus to Essex Road station and then going three stops to the North.

The line is getting new Class 717 trains, but I do feel that some work to improve the stations might not be a bad idea.

I actually wanted to buy a ticket on that dreadful machine from the Zone 6 boundary to Guildford, but unlike London Overground and some other companies ticket machines, it doesn’t sell such a useful ticket, which I wrote about in The Price Of Freedom.

More details of the Class 717 trains are given in this article in Rail Magazine, which is entitled New Govia Thameslink Railway trains to be Class 717s. This is said.

They are similar to the Class 700s being built by Siemens for GTR (of which 16 are in the UK), but they must have end doors as per safety regulations due to their operation in the Moorgate Tunnels. The design of this is at an advanced stage, with construction due to start this year.

I have felt that the Northern City Line, would be a classic application for an IPEMU for some time, as this would enable the Moorgate tunnels to be electrically-dead, as the trains would use batteries between Drayton Park and Moorgate stations. This would have the following effects.

  • The third-rail electrification could be deactivated or even removed.
  • The trains could also be 25 VAC only, if they wouldn’t be going into any other third-rail territory.

How would this impact tunnel safety regulations?

Whatever happens to this line, running a seven day a week service, will make the Northern City Line a valuable rail line in my part of London.

On a personal note, the line and Essex Road station in particular,  will help me cut-out the dreaded Highbury and Islington station, with its long passageways and lack of lifts.

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  1. There are still people who don’t do certain things on a Sunday. One family I know always spent the day doing something as a family when their children young (they are now all grown and married). And I know of people who won’t go the pub on a Sunday, or won’t play cards on a Sunday, not even Snap with their grandchildren.

    Of course, there are many million who won’t go to church on Sundays 😉 I went this morning, I was worship leader. Neil went to Bridlington to some WW2 thingy.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | June 12, 2016 | Reply

    • Most rail lines in the country run seven days a week, but until recently, this one only ran Monday to Friday. The other one is the Waterloo and City Line of the Underground. Cannon Street station used to be closed on Sundays too. They were all thought to be purely commuter lines, but now London is a 24/7 city, the old restrictions are going.

      I can’t see anybody complaining about the running of trains on Sundays. One complaint in London is the cost of car parking around churches in Central London.

      Comment by AnonW | June 12, 2016 | Reply

  2. […] I did the short trip from Essex Road station on the Northern City Line, that I wrote about in Never On Sunday, I was surprised to see that the frequency of the service was Transport for London’s […]

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