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I Am Totally Against Brexit, But Read This!

York Potash are developing a potash mine in you’ve guessed it! – Yorkshire.

This article from the Gazette Live is entitled Work on York Potash mine which could employ 1,000 due to start in September.

This can’t be bad news, as every new job on Teesside is needed. This is also said.

Costs for the project “have moved in our favour”, Mr Fraser told the newspaper. “We are a dollar asset but a big part of the costs will be [paid in] sterling [for] labour… With lower sterling, we will be in a stronger position.”

In the end, I suspect that whether or not we leave Europe, the result will not be a disaster for the country.

The dollar will continue to call the shots, as it moves towards being the universal world currency.

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  1. Yes PRIMARY producers in the UK (agriculture, ceramics, forestry, mining and even fishing) will benefit from a lower pound, although prices of even home produced goods with an international market will increase to UK consumers.

    The general economic outlook remains bad. A 6% fall in GDP (aka a recession) is forecast. I used this to estimate a 10% fall in sterling before the vote and this was ‘achieved’ within an hour of the result becoming clear on Friday 24th June. The subsequent 4% drop is more down to the subsequent political uncertainty with disarray in the Tory and Labour camps, the possibility of a General Election and / or that some loony might opt out of free trade with the EU altogether (recession would then be twice as bad),

    Comment by Mark Clayton | July 7, 2016 | Reply

  2. I would agree. My biggest worry is that Eurocrats are so insulated from the real world, that they won’t be able to understand the can of worms that Brexit has opened.

    If we had voted for Remain, within five years, some other country would have decided to leave and provoked a smaller problem.

    No-one can deny that Europe needs reform! But some Eurocrats do and that is the real cause of the Europroblems.

    What happened at FIFA couldn’t have done much for their sleep.

    Comment by AnonW | July 7, 2016 | Reply

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