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The Tanners Hill Flydown

With Thameslink, Network Rail, are trying to remove bottlenecks all over the place. The Tanners Hill Flydown, is an extra track in the area of St. John’s station, which is described like this in Wikipedia.

To improve capacity on the line between London Bridge and Lewisham, a new stretch of single track has been built alongside the original bi-directional single track between Tanners Hill Junction (near St John’s Station) and Lewisham Vale Junction. Before the new track was laid, St John’s Vale Road Bridge was partially demolished and reconstructed with a concrete pier, as well as a new south span over the new track; the existing embankment along the fly-down was also widened. This work was completed in April 2013, and the new track is being used for some services to/from Charing Cross via Lewisham.

This map from, shows the flydown and St. Johns and Lewisham stations.

Tanners Hill Flydown And St. Johns Station

Tanners Hill Flydown And St. Johns Station

This map shows how the flydown allows trains from London terminals to take various routes to the South East, either through Lewisham station or on the South Eastern Main Line.

The Google Map shows the flydown.

The Tanners Hill Flydown

The Tanners Hill Flydown

The flydown is the double-track line that is on the opposite site of the tracks to the station. It starts to the London side of the bridge taking St. Johns Vale Road over the railway and then connects to the Nunhead to Lewisham Link Line.

As Wikipedia says the flydown is now being used for some Charing Cross services via Lewisham.

These pictures were taken from St. Johns station and show the various lines that pass through and by the station.

Note that  the high pictures were taken from the station footbridge and others from passing trains, on the many routes, on or crossing the main lines in the area.

This junction illustrates both the complication and the possibilities created by South London’s intensive rail network.

Will we be seeing more lines, junctions and crossing giving a sound sorting?

More On The Tanners Hill Flydown

London Recconnections has two excellent articles on the Tanners Hill Flydown.

The first article gives an insight into why some of the problems with our railways occur, due to a lack of future-proofing in the 1970s, when the original Tanners Hill Flydown was built, with it seems much annoyance to local residents.





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