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An Article On Driverless Trains That Hardly Mentions Unions

This article on Rail Engineer is entitled Subway Revival – Glasgow to introduce UTO.

In this instance UTO stands for Unattended Train Operation.

In the article, there is only one mention of a trade union. This is said.

Getting the workforce’s commitment to new working practices was an essential first step of the modernisation programme. SPT achieved this in 2012 with an agreement between UNITE and SPT for more flexible working and establishment reduction with no compulsory redundancies.

The dreaded word RMT does not appear.

Having read the whole article, it does look like, when the new trains start running in a few years time, Glasgow will have one of the best Underground lines in the world.

I particularly liked this paragraph on the procurement of the new trains.

Charlie Hoskins explained that SPT did not procure its trains on the basis of a prescriptive technical specification as this might rule out a worthwhile technology. Instead, prospective suppliers were given a concept of operation that covered general requirements such as the number of people to be carried and how SPT wished to operate the trains. A competitive dialogue then followed to develop the technical solution that offered best value. This approach was supported by Glasgow-based consultant Racon and by Systra which, with SPT key staff, formed the client’s technical, commercial and procurement team.

It looks like Glasgow said they wanted to move so many passengers and the consortium came up with a solution.

How practical! And the dreaded word Treasury wasn’t mentioned.

Also just as they are involved in East Anglia, the Swiss company; Stadler is very much involved here. They seem to be s[specialising in niches.


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