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Not The Best City Station

The best city stations in the UK, are probably, ones like.

  • Huddersfield
  • Liverpool Lime Street
  • London Kings Cross
  • Manchester Victoria
  • Sheffield

Where you exit the station on arrival and find yourself in a spacious square or area, where you can get your bearings, meet friends or catch a bus, tram or taxi.

Others are going the spacious route include.

  • Birmingham New Street
  • Cambridge
  • Cardiff
  • Glasgow Queen Street
  • Newcastle
  • Rochester
  • Wolverhampton

London Bridge appears to be trying another route and has put the space under the station.

But some are cramped and crowded and need to be sorted.

In London, Charing Cross is hidden away just a short walk from the UK’s most famous Square.

But there are others around the country that need improvement to give more space.

  • Brighton
  • Coventry
  • Edinburgh Waverley
  • Leicester
  • Middlesbrough

I also include Leeds in this group.

Despite spending a lot of money, it is a very crowded station.

The entrance to the station is small and tends to attract smokers and other undesirables despite notices.

But it is so cluttered with narrow pavements, with buses going through the station forecourt to their stops.

If ever there was a City Centre station in the UK, that needs a sort-out, it is Leeds.

  • There must be a plan somewhere, but there is now a grand Southern entrance, that is tucked away without signage and can’t be used as a walk through the station, unlike the paths through Liverpool Street, Nottingham and St. Pancras.
  • The station needs a proper Drop-Off entrance.
  • Couldn’t the taxis go somewhere underneath the station, as this would help to free-up the front of the station.
  • There are also few places to sit, where you can watch the departure boards.
  • The retail outlets are poor as well, when compared to somewhere like Manchester Piccadilly.

I know Leeds is a busy station, but it is only going to get busier and it really does need a severe de-cluttering.


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