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Exploring The Shepperton Branch Line

The Shepperton Branch Line could be incorporated into Crosssrail 2, so when I went to Fulwell station to look at the drainage works, I looked at the rest of the branch.

I’ve separated my thoughts into sections.

Fulwell Station

The pictures I took at Fulwell station, are shown separately in Fulwell Station And The Drainage Works.

It is very much a simple suburban station, but because it is next to Fulwell bus garage, it appears to be well served by buses.

Shepperton Station

Shepperton station wasn’t intended to be the terminus of the branch. Wikipedia talks of original plans crossing the Thames, to the East of Chertsey Bridge, but this plan was abandoned in 1862.

Looking at maps, there wouldn’t be any space between the houses to extend the line, over a 150 years later.

Around Shepperton Station

Around Shepperton Station

The station is South of the well-marked Sunbury Golf Course.

It is in some ways, a curious mix.

  • A long single platform.
  • No toilets, coupled with none on the trains.
  • Not a great deal of car parking.
  • Services for the passengers are only minimal.
  • Although only one train per hour runs on Sundays, the single line branch can handle more.

But it has a large modern station building.

I needed the toilet, so I went round the corner to a Costa and had a coffee and did my business.

Kempton Park Station

Kempton Park station is not one of the best on the line.

I would suspect that the racecourse would welcome this station being on Crossrail 2.

Crossrail 2

If Crossrail 2 comes to the Shepperton Branch Line, it will have effects on the line its stations and the surrounding area.

This document on the TfL web site is entitled Crossrail 2 factsheet: Services between Norbiton, Kingston and Shepperton, gives details.

This is said.

On the Shepperton branch up to 8 trains per hour, in each direction, would serve Norbiton, Kingston and Hampton Wick stations. 4 trains per hour, in each direction, would run west of Hampton Wick to Shepperton, calling at all stations.

The delivery of Crossrail 2 will be accompanied by station improvement work at a number of locations, including platform work and the installation of new lifts or ramps where there is currently no step-free access.

It is also proposed that a second platform at Shepperton station is provided.

Obviously, with up to eight trains an hour (8 tph) in each direction, there will need to be a second platform at Shepperton station.

This Google Map shows the station area in detail.

Shepperton Station

Shepperton Station


  1. The White-roofed building to the North-East of the station symbol, is the new station building.
  2. The station will get four tph of  1500-capacity Crossrail, with perhap 2 tph going to Waterloo in the Peak.
  3. A second platform could be a tight fit, but it is probably possible.

Some will argue, that Shepperton, doesn’t need this massive increase in capacity.

,There would appear to be few places on the Shepperton Branch to reverse the trains.

This Google Map shows.Teddington station.

Teddington Station

Teddington Station

A rebuilt or remodelled Teddington station would be a serious possibility.

  • The station has some space.
  • A reversing siding or a bay platform could be squeezed in.
  • The trains could also use a siding at Strawberry Hill Depot to reverse.
  • Reversing 4 tph could probably be easily handled at Teddington.

The Wikipedia entry for Crossrail 2, says this.

Shared use of the Shepperton Branch Line with 6-8 train per hour to Teddington and 4 trains per hour to Shepperton.

So perhaps to Crossrail 2, using Teddington station is more than a possibility.

Crossrail 2’s biggest problem on this line is not the trains or stations, but the level crossing at New Malden, that I wrote about in A Very Bad Level Crossing Problem.


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