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Fulwell Station And The Drainage Works

On my way back to Waterloo on the Shepperton Branch Line, I just had to visit Fulwell station and the drainage work, I wrote about in If Your Train Is Late Should You Blame Henry The Eighth?.

I took these pictures.

It is a substantial piece of engineering.

  • The water is collected from the area of the tunnel into a large tank on the station side of the tunnel.
  • The water is then pumped to the lagoons at Fulwell Junction.
  • When there is available capacity, the water is drained away, using the drains under the Kingston Loop Line through Teddington.
  • The electricity requirement was high and required a separate supply and sub-station.
  • The pipework isn’t small.

According to this press release from Network Rail, the works are costing £6 million. This picture of flooding at Fulwell station is from the document.

Flooding At Fulwell

Flooding At Fulwell

This map from, shows the lines in the area.

Lines At Fulwell Station

Lines At Fulwell Station

I heard comments like these, from several of the locals.

  • The flooding has been terrible at times in recent years.
  • If the works cure the flooding they’ll be very pleased.
  • They’ll be glad to get the footpath reopened.
  • But I didn’t hear any complaints of too much noise.

It does seem to me, that a November 2016 completion date could be possible.

If you were an engineer working on this project, would you want a dry winter or a very bad one, to give the system the sternest test, the Devil can devise?

Final Thoughts

I suppose the only other thing that could be to clean the water and use it for watering one of the golf courses in the area. But probably the cost of the treatment plant, which would be something like the Old Ford Water Recycling Plant, would be too much.

As to hiding or burying the pipe, I suspect that there is a plan for this, possibly using nature’s camouflage and/or lots of soil.

The station is also a good example of traditional cable ducting, but the design probably predates the system I wrote about in Keeping Your Wiring Tidy.

I’ll go back in a couple of years and have a take a butcher’s.

Hopefully, it will still look like a job that has been well done!

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