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Why Grayling’s Proposal For The East-West Rail Link Could Be Right?

I’m not saying it’s right that one  company will build the line and then operate it, but I do think it could have advantages.


With the exception of a few short lengths of existing track, most of the construction is a green field site or one where there is just rusty worthless track from decades ago.

This must give opportunities to design a future-proofed route, that in say the 203os or 2040s could run trains much faster, frequent, heavier and longer, than envisaged today.

The route can also be optimised for what is mow believed to be the likely scheduled service.


This line could have stations optimised for the modern level of working, that the line will.use.

Nothing should be ruled out in station design, if it makes for a more efficient railway.

I would also hope that stations could be modular, so that improvements and new stations could be added by the operator as ttaffic changes.

Get the design right and the company, passengers and staff will benefit.

It would be easier to get the design right, if all stakeholders are in the same team.


Parts of the route are electrified and it will have connections to existing electrified lines at Bedford, Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Oxford and Reading.

I believe that there could be considerable savings to be made, by designing the electrification so that it is integrated with the trains bought for the line.

For instance, I believe in a few years time that all new trains will have on-board energy storage, so could this be taken advantage of to perhaps?

  • Enable regenerative braking on trains, rather than trackside
  • Not put overhead wires in stations.

It could be difficult for freight trains and other electric trains, but there could be scope to simplify the electrification.


Go digital to save money.


I have sat in the cab of a High Speed Train as it went between Edinburgh and Inverness. You see a lot and surely some that drivers see could be safety related.

Surely, if the same company is responsible for both trains and track, reporting and fixing problems must be much more direct.


Good design could really.make the railway cheaper to build and operate.

So if it’s one company, with everybody working to the same objectives, it must benefit that company, if someone has a good idea at any point.

If they have a bad idea, then hopefully it ignored.

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