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Redbridge Station

Whilst visiting Newbury Park station, I took the opportunity to visit the below-grounmd parts of Redbridge station.

The station is unusual for the Underground in that there is effectively a very wide island platform between the two tracks.

Many stations, like those on the Northern reaches of the Piccadilly Line, that I know so well, do have this layout, but this must be a station with some of the widest platforms.

Wikipedia says this about the station.

Redbridge is often described as the shallowest deep level (as opposed to cut and cover) station on the network, as it is only 5.2 metres (17 ft) beneath the surface. However, this is misleading as the station tunnel was constructed by the cut and cover method, with the running lines descending into genuine tube tunnels at either end of the platforms – similar to the Central line platforms at Mile End.

I also get the impression, that the station could be designed, so that as at Stratford, trains rise up into the station, thus turning kinetic energy into potential energy to slow the train. This energy is released to accelerate the train out of the station.



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Newbury Park Station

According to this article in the Ilford Recorder, Newbury Park station is going to be one of the first in the latest batch of stations to be given step-free access.

So I went for a look.


  • Lifts can probably be added easily to the existing bridge.
  • Lifts are certainly needed, ss I saw a couple of mothers struggling with buggies.
  • The station buildings on the platforms have potential for making really nice.
  • The barrel roof is not to my taste, and I would rejoice if it had to be demolished for health and safety reasons.
  • The station is a Grade II Listed building.

It is certainly an unusual station.

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Road Improvements In Southgate Road

Southgate Road is just round the corner from where I live and it forms the boundary between the posh of Islington in the West and the plebs of Hackney in the East.

Over the last couple of weeks, the traffic lights, where Southgate Road and Balls Pond Road cross have been replaced and we now have Countdown, which makes crossing easier.

Now Islington want to put a box junction just to the South of the traffic lights, where Dove Road joins Southgate Road.

These pictures show the area.

I have a feeling that this scheme may be a little bit half-baked, as it appears to be an Islington-only scheme, when surely, it should be a scheme that is promoted by both Boroughs.

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In And Out Of The Angel

The area around Angel tube station, is one I visit regularly.


  • I shop in the same Marks and Spencer, Boots and Woolworths, that my grandmother used before the Great War.
  • Woolworths is now Waitrose.
  • I visit Chapel Market, as she probably did.
  • I often walk close to where my father was born and past the church where my grandparents married.
  • Perhaps, once a week, I’ll buy myself lunch or dinner in the area.
  • I regularly, use the area to change buses or get on and off the Northern Line.

It’s also an area of memories of life with C and the children around 1970, when we lived in the Barbican and we’d regularly walk up the hill with the children to shop at Marks and Spencer.

But not at the moment. This article on the BBC is entitled Angel Islington flooded by water main burst.

These are pictures I took of the traffic. Or lack of it!


There are no buses from Dalston to the Angel, so the only way to go is to go South to Old Street or Moorgate stations and then get the Northern Line up to the Angel.

At least the buses are running the other way, so I can get home easily.

It is a pain, but it will be sorted.

Yesterday, I had to get to Boots to pick up my Warfarin and the pharmacist did as usual, ask me for my yellow book.

I don’t have one, as I see the GP every three months or so, have a chat about my INR and he writes a prescription, which is electronically sent to Boots for me to collect.

To show how stable my INR level is, I’ve now been on 4 mg. a day of Warfarin for over three years now.

Discussing this with the pharamacist, I told her, I put this stability down to being a coeliac on a gluten-free diet.

There are some hints at research in this area at eminent Universities, but with my experience, it seems that if you are on Warfarin, a gluten-free dietmay help to stabilise your INR levels.


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