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A Bactrian Station

Canonbury station has now got two Harrington Humps.


Does that make it a Bactrian station?

It’s certainly the sort of thing, that you’ll see in posh Islington and would never see in plebian Hackney.

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Road Improvements In Southgate Road

Southgate Road is just round the corner from where I live and it forms the boundary between the posh of Islington in the West and the plebs of Hackney in the East.

Over the last couple of weeks, the traffic lights, where Southgate Road and Balls Pond Road cross have been replaced and we now have Countdown, which makes crossing easier.

Now Islington want to put a box junction just to the South of the traffic lights, where Dove Road joins Southgate Road.

These pictures show the area.

I have a feeling that this scheme may be a little bit half-baked, as it appears to be an Islington-only scheme, when surely, it should be a scheme that is promoted by both Boroughs.

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Fighting The Algae

I walked through the New River Walk in Islington this morning and the Council were doing their best to fight the algae.

The theory is if you put bales of barley straw in water infected with the algae, it helps to combat it.

They don’t seem to be having much success, but then I didn’t when I tried it years ago in one of my ponds.

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Will The Real Leroy House Please Stand Up

Leroy House is a rather drab  1970s office block near me.

They are updating the building for the twenty-first century, so I went to look.

It’s actually a business centre with lots of serviced offices, but you wouldn’t know that from the outside. It is extremely anonymous and could contain something that doesn’t want to be noticed like the Islington Parking Revenue Collectors.

If it was my building, I’d do the following.

1. Whilst the building is being updated, I’d put up some information on the wall, about what is happening and why you would want to use offices and services in Leroy House, when the updating is finished.

2. I’d give the building a web site like businesscentre.islington or and put that in clear signs on the building.

3. If the domain name extension of .islington does not exist, then I’d either get the council to create it or if they thought it wasn’t a good idea, then I’d get it for the building. It might become a nice little earner for every butcher, baker and candle-stick maker in the Borough.

4. Once the building is updated, I’d think carefully about what was plastered all over the building to entice punters to come inside.

5. A lot of the pictures I took, were taken from the top of a passing bus. The 38 actually load up the tail-gunner outside the building. So why not give all those bored passengers something witty to read? You never know, they might know someone who needs an office.

6. I would develop the cafe, they are planning to put inside, as a local business meeting point.

Updating the building as they are planning, seems to be a good idea and I can’t see it will cause local residents any problems unless offices are rented to someone with totally unacceptable political beliefs and this provokes massive demonstrations outside.

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Islington’s Eyesore

Archway is once of those places on the London tube map, which unless you know someone who lives there or has unfortunately found themselves in the local hospital, has nothing iconic to be worth visiting.

I went to have a drink with a friend, who lives within five hundred metres of the Underground station and took these pictures.

I should say that Archway suffers from the same problem that afflicts the bus station at London Bridge  station because of the station’s proximity to The Shard. Lots of wind and today, that was cold wind, that makes walking around the area challenging.

I met my friend in the Gate cafe in the middle of the roundabout and that was a pleasant oasis in one of the bleakest areas of London. Archway even makes the old Elephant and Castle and Vauxhall Cross roundabouts, look to be award-winning architecture.

If ever a traffic intersection, was designed by a team of sadists with all the design flair of one of the North Korean dictators, it is this one.

I would like to see the following happen.

1. Archway Tower should be taken down, as it creates too much wind. Incidentally, the Wikipedia entry for the building doesn’t name an architect for the 1963 building. I can’t find one anywhere on the Internet.Perhaps, he was too ashamed of his creation and wanted to save his reputation, by not having it on his record.

Sadly, if it can’t be taken down, then clever engineers at somewhere like Farnborough or a top class university, should be given a brief to sort out the dodgy aerodynamics of the tower.

2. I crossed from the tube station, after arriving by bus, to the middle island where the Archway Tavern sits and it was a long walk round over three separate sets of pedestrian lights. There should be a subway, but my friend told me that was closed some time ago.

3. The traffic patterns must be sorted out, as it was always a bad area for driving.

4. The disused cinema that my friend says has graced the area for forty-four years, should be used as rubble elsewhere!

It will be impossible that when the improvement scheme is completed, that a vast improvement will not have been achieved.


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Islington Has Got A Smart New Post Office

When I came here in 2010, Islington had two Post Offices on Upper Street; an old traditional one by St. Mary’s Church and a rather dodgy structure on the forecourt of Highbury and Islington station.

Both are now gone and a smart new one has opened in a double-fronted shop opposite the Town Hall.

Islington Has Got A Smart New Post Office

Islington Has Got A Smart New Post Office

Peering through the window, it would appear to have all the latest automatic machines to send letters and parcels to Oblivion and everywhere else. According to Livy, Oblivion is defined as the Limia River in Spain.

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An Aladdin’s Cave For Coeliacs

Marks and Spencer may have its problems, but the display for its gluten-free bread and cakes in Islington, is bigger than the whole gluten-free area in the Waitrose next door.

An Aladdin's Cave For Coeliacs

An Aladdin’s Cave For Coeliacs

I just bought a loaf and some cheese biscuits.

I have a feeling that despite the Islington M & S not being one of their bigger stores, I might find that in a few months time, I’ll go there first and then buy the things they don’t have in Waitrose.

I can only rarely buy clothes there, but I do use it as the delivery point from the web site. I don’t know about others, but I’ve had no problems with shopping on their web site.

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They Run Out Of Letters

The Scree n on the Green, rarely misses a tick in its film information.

They Run Out Of Letters

They Run Out Of Letters

This is one of their best.

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Is Islington Council Run By Labour Or Sainsburys?

As I walked past Islington Town Hall today, there was a guy outside holding up a placard, bearing the title of this post.

Is Islington Council Run By Labour Or Sainsburys?

Is Islington Council Run By Labour Or Sainsburys?

As I’m not an Islington resident and don’t know too much about the intracacies of the local politics, I was a bit baffled.  Especially, as it seemed to be a one man protest.

I did find this story on the Islington Tribune site, so it could be about converting the cop shop in Highbury into a Sainsburys

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Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery Opens

Romeo’s Gluten Free Bakery actually opened yesterday, but I only found out late last night from a waitress in Carluccio’s.

It was well worth a visit and I had a cup of tea, a chicken pie and a loaf of bread to take home for fourteen pounds.

The chicken pie was superb and was one of the best lunchtime snacks, I’ve ever had. The pastry was just how it should be and I’ve never had gluten-free pastry like it before.

If you want to go, the easiest way is to walk down Upper Street in Islington from either the Angel or Highbury and Islington stations. It’s virtually opposite Islington Town Hall.

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