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West Anglia Route Improvement – Meridian Water Station – 1st March 2017

After reading Colin’s comment to the recent Angel Road station post and looking at the FAQ on the Meridian Water web site., I created this Google Map of the area along Willoughby Lane, from Northumberland Park station to the other side of the railway from IKEA.


Willoughby Lane is actually a road that starts at Northumberland Park station and then goes Northwards to the two bus stops.

I feel that the new station, which will be called Meridian Water will be built on the large clear site, between the Northernmost bus stop and the railway.

These are some pictures of the that site taken on 1st March 2017.

This is a Google Map of the site.



  • I used a private helicopter flying low over the area or in more common parlance the top deck of a 341 bus going to IKEA.
  • The entrance to the site is off Leeside Road.
  • The railway runs North-South.
  • Fences leading from the entrance road go right up to the West side of the railway.
  • The works to create the third track for STAR are clearly visible.
  • A large area seemed to be fenced off off on the East side of the Railway.
  • The Leeside Bridge seems a substantial modern structure.
  • IKEA and Tesco to the East of the railway and the Angel Edmonton Road.

I remember the station site as a gas works and these sites are often very polluted. So perhaps building a station on the top and adding car parking might be easier than building houses, unless it’s a few signature tower blocks, which would have superb views of the Lea Valley.

It’s certainly going to be profitable for the developers.

This is from the Infrastructure page on the Meridian Water web site.

It is not very often London gets a brand new rail station, but Meridian Water Station will open in 2019, unlocking the area for commuters, taking passengers south directly to Stratford London and London Liverpool Street and north to Stansted and Cambridge.

The station, which will be built on the Willoughby Lane site and replace the existing and poorly accessible Angel Road station, will provide a much improved rail connection for Enfield residents with a more frequent service into central London.

This site North of Leeside Road is probably a much better-located site than that of the current station.

  • There is a lot of space, which might enable car parking and a turnback platform.
  • It is just off the main North-South road.
  • It is close to IKEA and Tesco and pedestrian access between the two would surely be possible.

This visualisation is from the Meridian Water web site.



  • It doesn’t look to be a station built on the cheap.
  • The Crossrail symbol on the station.
  • Are we looking North or South in the visualisation.

I suspect that what gets built could be rather different and a lot better with perhaps a continuous garden bridge from West of railway to Glover Drive, where Tesco and IKEA are situated.


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