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Riding In A Clean Class 319/4 Train

The Class 319/4 train is the upmarket version of the Class 319 train with First Class seats, less 2+3 seating and a fully-accessible toilet.

I took the pictures on a particularly neat and tidy Thameslink train.

It is likely that the Class 319 Flex train will use this interior, especially as the prototype is a conversion of a Class 319/4 train.

According to Wikipedia, there are still 23 Class 319/4 trains in service with Thameslink, with a few actually off lease, so there should be quite a few of this variant to convert.

In the article in Rail Magazine, which is entitled Flex… and flexibility, this is said.

One unit has moved to Loughborough (319427), but this is not one of the eight destined for Northern. Instead, it will be deployed for dimensional analysis. Only so much can be planned on paper and computers, and this will enable the various teams to evaluate the train and ensure everything fits.

Sounds like good engineering and as the train was off lease, it probably wasn’t one of best, so if it eventually becomes a spares donor or scrap, no-one is probably bothered, given that there are quite a few Class 319/4 trains available for conversion.

In fact after riding in a couple of Northern’s Class 319 trains last week, I definitely felt that the Class 319/4 train in the pictures, rode a lot better and more like what you’d expect from a train derived from a Mark 3 coach.


The more I read and observe about the Class 319 Flex train, the more I like the project.

I wonder how much a new bi-mode four-car multiple unit would cost? As a rough guide London Overground are paying nearly six million for each of their Class 710 trains.

Class 319/4 trains converted to Class 319 Flex trains will have the following extra and proven features.

  • 100 mph as against 75 mph top speed.
  • 91-92 mph top speed away from wires on diesel.
  • First Class seating
  • Fully-accessible toilet.
  • The ability to survive a direct hit from a 24 tonne cement mixer truck dropped from a bridge.

But the Class 319 Flex is not a new train.

The Oxshott incident with the cement mixer truck, did happen to a Class 455 train, but this is also Mark 3 coach-based, like the Class 319 train.

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