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Gluten-Free Food On The NHS – Again

In August 2015 , I write Gluten-Free Food On The NHS.

My view hasn’t changed. But my list of foods has changed slightly.

I still think, that those prescribed a gluten-free diet, should get a small payment each month, either as a voucher or a direct transfer into your bank account.

The current system is bureaucratic and expensive. A lot of money also goes on products that are crap and I wouldn’t give to a starving beggar!

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  1. Why? Why should my neighbour, who may be less well-off than I am, pay for me to follow a particular diet? Surely I have a duty towards myself to feed myself? I don’t agree with you on this one because I believe we in the UK have become too dependent on a culture of ‘someone else must take responsibility and pay’. And secondly I don’t believe it is necessary. Ordinary, healthy foods (meats, fish, vegetables, dairy produce, fruits) are all gluten-free; the only problematic staple is bread and these days gluten-free bread can either be made at home or easily bought at the supermarket. When I shop my supermarket trolley is gluten-free, apart from bread, and I pay for the goods myself. I enjoy your blogposts very much but I don’t follow your reasoning on this one and hope you won’t mind a tart response!

    Comment by Candy Blackham | March 28, 2017 | Reply

  2. I agree with you.

    But a small payment or voucher of a few pounds a month, would just buy the thingws for which Gluten-free is difficult and slightly more expensive, like bread and pasta.

    It would be a lot more affordable, as the gluten-free food suppliers have ripped off the NHS and taxpayes for years. As to Coeliac UK, that charity is a waste of time.

    The one problem with the supply of gluten-free food, is those who don’t live within walking distance of a store which sells gluten-free bread. But that problem may have been solved by M & S as one of their loaves seems to last four or five days.

    Pasta doesn’t matter, as a big bag can last years.

    Comment by AnonW | March 28, 2017 | Reply

  3. I am coeliac and thus, like you James, I need to follow a GF diet. I have never had GF food on prescription, personal choice. However, like you I think there should be some sort of payment for children, uni students and people on a very low income. Many many years ago when Neil was made redundant, people claiming benefits were given an allowance if they were diabetic – that apparently stopped years ago. But since most families on low incomes are on some sort of benefit, and all parents get child benefit, it would be easy to add a small allowance to those benefits when they are relevant. For families with coeliac children, bread is a big issue, because they need to take a packed lunch to school and most prefer to take sandwiches like their friends. Looks like my MP will be getting another letter 😉

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | March 28, 2017 | Reply

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