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Gluten-Free Food On The NHS

As a coeliac, I get no food from the NHS.

If you take bread as an example, I get through a couple of slices a day, usually spread with honey, in a sandwich or as something to eat with say hummus.

If I was to get this bread on the NHS, a month’s worth would leave me with no space in the freezer and I’d have to defrost each slice as I needed it.

Also, the bread from Marks and Spencer is far superior to anything available on the NHS.

I probably spend about a fiver on specialist gluten-free food every week, but mainly I eat the sort of food, that is naturally gluten-free, like meat, fish, vegetables and fruit.


A more cost-effective system would be that all coeliacs got a monthly payment to help with food costs. If they spent it on cigarettes, then that is their affair!

So what do I think are the best gluten-free foods?

Bananas – A snack in its own wrapper.


Black Farmer Sausages – Made for real men

Celia gluten-free beer

EatNakd Bars

Eat Natural Toasted Muesli With Vine Fruit – Not the Buckwheat!


Fish – Always skinless and boneless

Goats Milk – It lasts forever in the fridge



Marks & Spencer’s Beefburgers –

Marks & Spencer’s Bread – It’s all excellent

Marks & Spencer’s Calves Liver – All that B12

Marks & Spencer’s Still Lemonade – I use it to clear my throat of catarrh

Marks & Spencer’s Welsh Goats Cheese

New Potatoes – I use them as nibbles too!

Rachel’s Yoghurt with Honey – It doubles as a quick pasta sauce!





Rump Steak – Always top quality

Waitrose Chicken Breast Chunks – So many simple meals start with these!

Waitrose Prepared Mango, Melon and Pineapple

Whisky – Scotch or Irish

I do tend to buy food that doesn’t need preparation, as my knife skills aren’t that good and being on Warfarin, I don’t want to cut myself. I also buy the Waitrose prepared fruit, as to buy a whole mango, melon or pineapple would mean I would waste a lot.

I should say I don’t need to live frugally, but if I had to, I could fund my energy, water, Council Tax, phone and daily food from well within my State Pension. Obviously, I get travel in Greater London free and I don’t have a car



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  1. I don’t get food on prescription either James. I think that children, students, and people on certain benefits should get some sort of voucher or other payment towards GF food – if I was given it I wouldn’t claim it because I can afford to buy it. I don’t buy much GF – bread, the occasional crumpets, occasionally biscuits, occasionally crackers. As a treat the mini pork pies or scotch eggs from M&S to go with a salad. Sadly, a lot of people don’t know how to cook from scratch because they don’t teach it in school and their mothers didnt teach them. Both my girls cook from scratch the majority of the time, and often make extra and freeze some. And were surprised to find that most people don’t – because we always have done.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | August 18, 2015 | Reply

  2. Today, I bought my gluten-free supplies until the end of the week in the same Marks, where my grandmother used to shop a hundred years ag., . A pack of five slices fn brown bread for £3 and a pack of gluten-free chicken salad sandwiches at £3.30 to take to the gluten-free desert that is Ipswich to watch the football tonight!

    Comment by AnonW | August 18, 2015 | Reply

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