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Could Third-Rail Tram-Trains Work The Epsom Downs Branch?

The Epsom Downs Branch is a single-track branch line from Sutton to Epsom Downs station.

Currently, it has a service to Victoria of around two trains per hour (tph), but it doesn’t seem to generate much business.

In 2015-16, Epsom Downs station had 112,000 passengers, whereas Sutton station had 7,111,000.

As the three stations on the branch are all single-platform stations with few facilities, can it be viable to run Class 377 and Class 455 trains on the branch?

When the London Tramlink arrives in Sutton, I wonder if the branch would be more suited to be running by trams.

But as the line is electrified with the standard 750 VDC third-rail system, is it one of those places, that could it be served by a third-rail tram-train, as I proposed in The Third-Rail Tram-Train?

I think the answer is in the affirmative.


  • The tram service could terminate at the proposed Streatham Common Interchange station.
  • It takes less than ten minutes to go between Sutton and Epsom Downs
  • In the Peak or when more capacity is needed, Class 377 trains could still run the service.
  • The tram-trains could provide a step-free service.

Running the service with tram-trains, would give one big advantage; the ability to run a service to the Royal Marsden Hospital, which according to this document from the hospital is not the best, when it comes to public transport.

A  single-track branch from the Epsom Downs Branch could start South of Belmont station and tram-trains running on batteries could serve both the Royal Marsden Hospital and the Institute of Cancer Research.

This Google Map shows Belmont station and the hospital.


  • The rail line from Belmont station to Epsom Downs station running down the West side of the map.
  • There are two prisons in the South East corner of the map.
  • The road from Belmont to the Hospital may only be half a mile, but it is up a steep hill.
  • Why is every train arriving at Belmont station, not met by a shuttle bus to the Royal Marsden Hospital?
  • There is one train per hour through Belmont station in both directions.

A silent battery tram-train  without any overhead wires, climbing up on the railway line and then turning East across Banstead Common calling at the prisons en route to the Hospital, might be acceptable to the Planning Authorities. It would surely be less intrusive than some of cars and vans, I saw rushing through the Downs.

I would think that the hospital needs a frequency of four trains per hour to Sutton, in addition to the current sewrvices between Sutton and Epsom Downs.

A charging station, like a Railbaar, at the end of the short branch might be needed, to make sure that the gradients were conquered.

These pictures show Belmont station and the walk to the Royal Marsden Hospital.

Knowing, what I now know of the Royal Masrsden Hospital, it wouldn’t be my choice of hospital.

I don’t think, I’vw seen a hospital with such terrible access by public transport!



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