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The IRA Bombing Campaign In England Of 1939-1940

When most people think of bombings by the Irish Republican Army, they think of the bombings like 1993 Bishopsgate, 1984 Brighton, 1992 Manchester and 1996 Manchester by the Provisional Irish Republican Army of recent memory.

But there was another campaign in 1939-1940 called S-Plan.

There were three hundred mainly small bombs, seven fatalities and ninety-six injured.

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  1. I certainly hadn’t heard of the earlier ones, but then I wasn’t born until 1957. However, I remember wanting to go on a school trip in around 1970 and my mother wouldn’t let me go because of the IRA.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | June 6, 2017 | Reply

  2. I had – the IRA bombed Coventry before the Luftwaffe.

    Irish president Eamon de Valera offered official condolences to Germany on the death of Hitler – well I suppose Hitler left Ireland neutral. Many years ago a retired policeman who had been brought up in Ireland before and during the war told me that Kreigsmarine officers used to frequent pubs in Dublin when their U boats had to put in due to damage, although they only had three days for repairs before they had to put out or be interned.

    Comment by Mark Clayton | June 6, 2017 | Reply

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