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Glasgow Looks To Venice With Water Taxi Service To Airport

In Wikipedia, there is a section called Venice of the North. Included in the list of thirty-seven cities are the likes of Ansterdam, Birmingham, Copenhagen, Gdansk, Lubeck, St. Petersburg and Stockholm.

But surely Amiens, Colmar, Manchester, Skipton and various places I’ve never heard of, is taking the list too far!

The title of this post is the same as an article in the Scotsman, about a Glaswegian, who intends to start a water taxi service to Glasgow Airport.

This Google Map shows Glasgow Airport, which has the Black Cart Water to the North and the White Cart Water to the East.

The two waters join to the North of the Airport and then flow into the River Clyde.

This is proposed.

  • The boat terminal at the airport would be on a pontoon on the White Cart Water, about five hundred metres East of the airport.
  • Transfer from the airport to boat would be initially by golf buggy.
  • The trip to the City Centre would take 25 minutes by fast boat.

It’s the sort of plan, that if carried out with style could work very well!

This Google Map shows the River Clyde through Glasgow.

Unlike the Thames through London, it appears to be straight.

The Airport is at the West of the map between the fork of the Black and White Cart Waters.

It was always thought that river buses on the Thames wouldn’t work, but over recent years, the Thames Clippers seem to have made a success of it.

Perhaps someone will make the same concept work in Glasgow.


I wish the guy well and I suspect that in a few years, the Clyde will be an important commuter, tourist and sairport route.

It just needs the right design of boat.

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