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I’d never heard of EcoPar until I read this article in Rail Engineer, which is entitled Modified MEWPs go underground.

A MEWP is a mobile elevated work platform and they are being used in the sub-surface lines of the London Underground.

One of the problems is that many of them are diesel-powered, which I wouldn’t have thought to be a good idea in tunnels.

This is where EcoPar comes in. An English translation of the EcoPar’s Swedish entry in Wikipedia says this.

EcoPar is a Swedish environmental fuel , a so-called synthetic diesel fuel and used as an alternative to diesel oil . EcoPar is extracted from natural gas using the Fischer-Tropsch process . EcoPar is a trademark of EcoPar AB, formerly Oroboros AB, located in Gothenburg .

This is from the Rail Engineer article.

Compared to the use of conventional fuel, it is estimated that carbon monoxide emissions are reduced by up to 76 per cent, carbon dioxide by 30-50 per cent, nitrous oxide by up to 26 per cent and carcinogenic emissions by up to 90 per cent.

That sounds a lot safer.

I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of EcoPar and other synthetic diesel fuels.


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