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Do You Believe Guns Kill People Now, Trummkopf?

October 2, 2017 - Posted by | News | ,


  1. 58 dead, 515 injured but Rednecks insist on the right to carry guns.

    Comment by mauricegreed | October 2, 2017 | Reply

  2. I will never visit the United States again, until they enact sensible gun laws and abolish the death penalty.

    Unless of course, they wanted to give me a large amount of money. One has to compromise some times.

    I also don’t use Asda, Starbucks or Uber, or buy any chocolate made by American companies.

    The latter is because I’m coeliac and react to the glucose they put in chocolate instead of sugar.

    Comment by AnonW | October 2, 2017 | Reply

  3. It is horrible, I saw it on the early news, but left the house at 7.00pm and have been out of internet signal all day. So the extent of it was a shock – it was 2 dead and 20 injured this morning. Will this have an effect on the gun laws? Sadly, I doubt it.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | October 2, 2017 | Reply

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