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Thameslink’s 24tph Introduction Held Over To 2019

The title of this post is the sane as that of this article in Rail Magazine.

This is the first paragraph.

Govia Thameslink Railway will introduce the full 24 trains per hour through the central London ‘core’ between St Pancras International and Blackfriars, as part of the £6 billion Thameslink programme, in December 2019, and not December 2018 as planned.

The decision has apparently been taken after an independent review, and has been designed to reduce risk at a major timetable change in May 2018.

But is it not all bad news. This is another paragraph.

However, GTR will start running some trains on routes earlier than planned. Speaking exclusively to RAIL on November 15, Chris Gibb, chairman of the Thameslink Programme Industry Readiness Board, said that as soon as drivers were trained, GTR services would be diverted via London Bridge from January instead of May, and via the Canal Tunnels from April.

Looking at the timetables for January, there doesn’t appear to be any Thameslink trains through London Bridge in the January timetable.


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  1. Sae with the Ordsall Chord – pretty much ready – no trains for months, even a late one that reversed at Salford Crescent to get from Piccadilly to Victoria will now reverse at Piccadilly.

    How long have the canal tunnels been a bat roost now?

    Comment by Mark Clayton | November 21, 2017 | Reply

  2. I think that the Ordsall Chord’s problem could be that a lot of things need to happen before services can start.

    One use of the Ordsall Chord will be to back-to-back services from South to North. So perhaps a Class 769 service from Buxton to Blackburn or Clitheroe would be a simple service, that would solve quite a few problems.

    I think there is a lot of care being shown with the Class 769, especially as I think Porterbrook now know they have developed a concept that could be a real winner. Perhaps not with the 319s, as their basic interior design is a bit dated, although the Class 319/4s that are being converted are better with First Class, more 2+2 seating and a universal access toilet.

    So could Northern be waiting to fully open the Ordsall Chord, services until they have sufficient 319s and 769s to run a proper electric service across the chord.

    I think caution is driving Thameslink too.

    Currently there are 12-15 trains per hour going between St. Pancras and Blackfriars, which is one train every four minutes. 20 tph would be a train every three minutes.

    So perhaps squeezing that extra minute out of the route is difficult.

    Moving services back to London Bridge will probably help, as struggling through South London is difficult, but going from London Bridge to East Croydon is a high-capacity line, that can handle a lot more trains than it does.

    The Canal Tunnels have been ready for about a year or two. Feeding trains through is probably more complicated than we think, as there will be a lot of need for precise timing.

    I just think that everybody is trying to be professional.

    Comment by AnonW | November 22, 2017 | Reply

  3. […] post is a follow up to Thameslink’s 24tph Introduction Held Over To 2019, which I wrote yesterday, after doing a little bit of digging anf buying the printed copy of Rail […]

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