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Access To The Western End Of The Camden High Line

I took between Camden Road and Camden Town stations on Sunday.

I was investigating two questions.

  • How would you provide access to the Western end of the Camden High Line?
  • How would you improve interchange between the North London Line and Northern Line stations?

These are some of the pictures that I took.

I can see a few strengths and problems.

Architectural Quality

Camden Gardens has several Listed buildings, but the viaduct appears not to be Listed.

The brick viaduct is a substantial one and like most of this type of structure in the UK, Network Rail seem to keep it in good condition.

You have to remember that there was a derailment on the bridge, which I wrote about in Fall Out From A Train Crash. So I suspect, it has had a detailed check-up since.

The only eyesore is the steel bridge over Camden Street. But Network Rail have ways of making them look better. A good coat of paint would help.

Camden Gardens

To my mind, Camden Gardens needs development. Not in any negative sense, but it is surrounded by pedestrian traffic generators.

  • Camden Road station to the East
  • The Regents Canal to the South
  • Camden Town station to the South, which will have a new step-free Northern entrance, about a hundred metres from the Gardens.
  • |A large mixed development on the other side of Kentish Town Road.
  • It is on the direct route between Camden Road station and the tourist attractions around Camden Lock.

It could be developed into a convenient oasis for those walking in the area.

Perhaps there needs to be a cafe in one of the arches.

Camden Interchange

In Boris Johnson’s Transport Infrastructure Plan for 2050, the Appendix mentioned that there will be an interchange between Camden Town and Camden Road stations. Unfortunately, a copy of the report is not available on the Internet.

But it can’t be deleted from my memory.

I feel strongly, that as after the expansion of Camden Town station, the two stations will be physically closer, that a Western entrance to Camden Road station, should be built, if the sums added up.


  • It would create a convenient interchange between the two rail services.
  • It would improve access from Camden Lock and the new developments on the North side of the Regent’s Canal.

But it could also create access to the Camden High Line.

The Height Of The Viaduct

The viaduct is high, as the last-but-one picture in the gallery shows.

Because of the railway tracks, between the two platforms, which means the only way to cross is to walk to the other end of the platforms and go down and up again, design of affordable and practical access, will be challenging.

A Station Entrance On The Camden High Line

The first picture in the gallery, shows the shrubbery on the two disused tracks, that could become the Camden High Line, behind a fence.

It would surely be possible to create a ticket gate in a small building on the wide platform.


With clever design it would be possible to provide access to the Camden High Line and the station in a single development.




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  1. Camden Town – Camden Road interchange
    1. The proposed redevelopment of Camden Town station envisages a new entrance and interchanges at and under Buck Street.
    2. These new interchanges are only 250 metres from the western end of Camden Road station (as the mole goes)
    3. If the first stage of the redevelopment is to drive a tunnel from Camden Road to the Buck Street workings this would serve several purposes:-
    3.1 Removal of spoil from the workings direct to sidings re-laid in the disused part Camden Road station for removal by rail.
    3.2 Materials for the workings to be brought in through the tunnel.
    3.3 The number of lorry movements would be considerably reduced (assuming all spoil would otherwise be removed by road).
    3.4 Reduction in lorry movements would greatly benefit the residents of Camden Town
    3.5 Once the Buck Street work is complete, the tunnel would be converted to an interchange between Camden Road and Camden Town (with or without a moving walkway).
    3.6 The interchange time would be 3 minutes walking at 3 miles per hour or 1.5 minutes with a walkway running at 3miles per hour.
    3.7 This “within station” interchange would provide a very important interchange between two important lines, the east-west North London line and the north-south Northern line.

    Comment by Geoff Moody | March 22, 2018 | Reply

  2. Good thoughts!

    I’ve passed it to the Camden High Line people.

    Comment by AnonW | March 22, 2018 | Reply

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