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Could A Three-Car Class 769 Train Be Created?

Some of the applications for bi-mode Class 769 trains on the UK rail network are on routes, where there is a short limit to train length.

Three cars might be a maximum on some routes, so a three-car Class 769 train might be a product with a future.

The formation of a Class 769 train, based on a Class 319/4 train would appear to be.

  • DTOC – Driver Trailer Car with Diesel Generator
  • PMOS – Pantograph Motor Car
  • TOSL – Trailer Car With Universal Access Toilet
  • DTOS – Driver Trailer Car with Diesel Generator

Note the train has only one powered-car and three trailer cars.

Could the TOSL car be removed to create a three-car Class 769 train?

In the Wikipedia entry for Class 319 trains, this is said.

Class 321 passenger units and Class 325 postal units were developed from the Class 319 design, using similar traction equipment and the same steel body design, with revised cab designs.

Four-car Class 321 trains have been turned into three-car Class 320 trains, in the past. The Wikipedia entry for the Class 320 train, says this.

The Class 320 is effectively a three-car derivative of the Class 321 units found in and around London and Yorkshire.

Scotrail‘s seven Class 320/4 trains were converted from ex-London Midland Class 321/4 trains in 2015/16. The conversion was done at Wabtec, who are doing work on the creation of the Class 769 trains.


I’m pretty certain, the TOSL car can be removed from a Class 769 train, to create a three-car version, just as it has been in a vaguely-similar four-car Class 321 train to create a three-car Class 320 train.

There are other conclusions.

  • Four-car Class 321 Flex bi-mode trains must be possible.
  • Three-car Class 320 Flex bi-mode trains must be possible.

As there will be a large number of Class 321 trains from Greater Anglia, going off lease in the next few years, the UK could be overflowing with quality bi-mode trains, based on the Class 769 train design.

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  1. […] In Could A Three-Car Class 769 Train Be Created?, I showed that if a three-car Class 769 train is needed, that this is possible. But it would lose about sixty seats and the universal access toilet, if it follows a similar route as converting a four-car Class 321 train to a three-car Class 320 train. […]

    Pingback by Nineteen Tri-Mode Flex Class 769s For GWR « The Anonymous Widower | April 23, 2018 | Reply

  2. Yesterday, I got a response on from an insider in GWR with regards to 3 car 769s for the Marlow and Greenford branches (The forum thread regarding the Vivarail 230s, which GWR aren’t interested in – “… ancient…”). They (GWR/First Group) think that 3x20m multiple units will fit on the branch line to Marlow. Unfortunately the 769s (4x20m) cannot be formed into 3 car bi-mode sets, but they are looking at other EMU to bi-mode conversions “… if the price is right.”

    Comment by Paul | May 21, 2018 | Reply

  3. Interesting comment! Thank you!

    I still think a three-car Class 769 could be created, as the only complicated bit in the TOSL car is the toilet.

    But, the Class 321 trains can be reduced to three-cars. So could they be looking at one of these. It might even be hydrogen powered.

    Comment by AnonW | May 21, 2018 | Reply

  4. A 319 is more complicated than a 320/321, being ac/dc instead of ac only, and the TSOL includes some equipment which, on a 321, is accommodated in the end cars. Since this equipment includes the air compressor for the braking system! It is also doubtful that there would be space under any of the other cars for the retention tanks for the toilets, if you were to move them.

    Comment by norbiton flyer | June 20, 2018 | Reply

    • Thanks for that!

      Porterbrook sent me a copy of the technical brochure and that states that the trains work on a DC bus.

      I agree with you about the toilets, but on an application like the Greenford Branch, would you need them!

      Incidentally, the bay platform at West Ealing station appears to have been electrified.I must go and check, as I was passing at over 100 mph.

      Comment by AnonW | June 20, 2018 | Reply

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