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From Lea Bridge Station To Coppermill Junction – 1st May 2018

I walked to the footbridge to the North of Lea Bridge station, before I took a train North.

I took some pictures around the bridge and some from the train.

Lea Bridge Junction was the old name for the junction and has been shown on

It would appear there are gaps in the track, so will these be used to put in points to link to possible fourth track or even the Hall Farm Curve, which would link the Chingford Branch Line to Stratford.

One thing that puzzles me about Lea Bridge Junction, is that the crossing appears to be unwired. Does this mean that trains will cross using a mixture of Momentum and/or battery power.

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  1. I think you will find the gaps in the track you refer to are there simply because they correspond to where they are building new bridges of which there are several in this stretch of line, and they haven’t quite finished building them yet, so can’t lay the track in those sections. Also you will find that they have stacked track on top of track ready to lay in these new bridge sections.
    Also as far as I am aware, this third track is almost a spur running from the new points just north of Lea Bridge station to Meridian Water station which will replace the current Angel Road station, to facilitate a new 2tph shuttle service between Meridian Water and Stratford and will interleave with the existing 2tph Stratford to Bishops Stortford service. I am not sure there will be any other links to the existing pair of lines.
    Additionally there are no current plans to re-instate the Hall Farm curve.
    You can just about see from your photos that masts have been erected for electrification, and indeed some preparatory work for electrification of this third line has already been done. so I don’t think they will be running battery trains. Regards Colin Frith.

    Comment by Colin Frith | May 2, 2018 | Reply

    • That’s more or less how I see it. But a well-placed source told me that the Hall Farm Curve and the Coppermill Curve, between Tottenham Hale and Chingford, will be reinstated at some time. He thought it was something to do with giving better access to the sidings at Chingford.

      There are a lot of possibilities inthat area and I feel we might see something radical to push back the central tunnel for Crossrail 2.

      Comment by AnonW | May 3, 2018 | Reply

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