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Wet Wipes Could Face Wipe-Out In Plastic Clean-Up

The title of this post, is the same as this article on the BBC.

What are wet wipes?

In my seventy years, I’ve never used or even seen one!

I don’t think my late wife ever used one either!

Do we really need them?

May 8, 2018 - Posted by | World | , ,

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  1. They individual pieces of anon-woven very thin fabric, inside a small flat pouch typically 3x4cm in size. Some come in large packs, I will mention those later. Do we need them, many of us don’t, and many of the available ones are basically lazy.

    Not sure if I have told you yet, it has been a bit of a mad 3 weeks, I was diagnosed with a form of blood cancer called CLL, if you want to know more about it, is a sensible site. It is very slow growing, and is referred to as “indolent”, I won’t be treated unless it becomes unstable, which may be many years away, but I am immuno-compromised. Part of that involves using a sterile wipe before and after each blood test I do for my diabetes. A wet tissue won’t do it, must be sterile. I do use the one end for before test and one end after test, as they are big enough to do that. – some of them aren’t, I picked carefully. Unrelated I have a chronic eye problem that I inherited from my dad, which means I have to bathe my eyes morning and night, and sometimes in between. Since I started using a wet wipe recommended by optician instead of a tissue and cooled boiled water, it has been considerably better. So I consider I need those two wet wipes. Also buy lens wipes from Boots to clean my glasses because they get them cleaner than a tissue or the inside of my t-shirt, but that is choice, I don’t need them.

    Other available wet wipes include Baby Wipes, for nappy changes and other general baby mess, useful but not vital, a product called Wet Ones, which come in a sort of tub and you pull one out as you need one, for generally mopping up mess etc originally advertised for when water wasn’t available, such a picnics. I did tend to have some in the car if we went on holiday for small children’s sticky fingers etc. But not vital at all. Other varieties indulge ones which make kitchen counters clean by killing 99% of all known germs. My view on that is that it is 1% of germs they don’t kill which you need to worry about! We bringing kids up with no natural immunity by making their environment too germ free. Ladies can buy individual wipes to keep them clean each month – they are more likely to get thrush, that part of the female anatomy is self cleaning. You can get them to wipe down your furniture, WHY, that is what dusters are for! I believe you can get them to keep your computer keyboard nice and clean I do shake the toast crumbs out of mine occasionally, but the wipes wouldn’t get those. If I happen to get something sticky, I use a few drops of water on a cloth.

    I am sure there are many many more examples of things which we don’t need them for. But there are some instances when they are important.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | May 9, 2018 | Reply

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