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A Detailed Layout Drawing For A Class 345 Train

Someone has requested this using a Freedom of Information request.

Click to access the detailed layout drawing for a Class 345 train.

The formation of a Class 345 train is as follows.



  1. Eight cars have motors and only one doesn’t.
  2. The train is composed of two identical half-trains, which are separated by the TS(W) car.
  3. There are four wheelchair spaces in the TS(W) car.

There is also other information on the drawing.

  • 454 seated passengers.
  • 1046 standing passengers calculated using a density of 4.025/m² of available floor standing area.
  • 4 wheelchair spaces.
  • 1500 passengers total
  • 51 priority spaces compliant with PRM-TSI
  • Trailer car length is 22,500 mm.
  • Driver car length is 23,615 mm.
  • Train length is 203,380 over mm. body ends.

There’s more information, based on what I read off the end of a train in Weight And Dimensions Of A Class 345 Train.

I estimated the weight of a nine car train to be 328.40 tonnes.

Kinetic Energy Of A Full Class 345 Train

I will assume the following

Train weight is 328.4 tonnes.

It is jam-packed with 1,500 passengers, with an average weight of 90 Kg. with their baggage.

Passenger weight is 13.50 tonnes

This gives a total train weight of 341.9

Calculating the kinetic energy for various speeds gives.

30 mph – 8.5 kWh

50 mph – 23.7 kWh

75 mph – 53.4 kWh

90 mph – 76.9 kWh

I used Omni’s Kinetic Energy Calculator.

Currently, the cost of a kWh of electricity is about fifteen pence to domestic customers, so accelerate a full Class 345 train to 90 mph, costs at that rate around £11.50.

The Deep Resource web site gives various conversion factors.

  • A kilogram of coal can be converted into 8.1 kWh.
  • A litre of diesel can be converted into 10 kWh.
  • A kilogram of hydrogen can be converted into 33.6 kWh.

It’s so easy to do these calculations today, as you can find little calculators and information all over the Internet.



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  5. How do the 7 car versions differ ie. which coaches are omitted?

    Comment by Max Batten | June 30, 2022 | Reply

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