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HS4Air Between Heathrow And Gatwick Airports

In terms of the number of trains, the route between Heathrow and Gatwick Airports could be one of the businest section of HS4Air.

This map clipped from the Expedition Engineering web site, shows the route of HS4Air between the two airports.

Note that in addition to the tunnels under the two airports, there is another tunnel through sensitive parts of Surrey.

Heathrow Southern Railway And The Southern Portal Of HS4Air’s Heathrow Tunnel

This Google Map shows the first section of the route South from Heathrow.

The two motorways are.

  • The M25 goes roughly North-South.
  • The M3 goes roughly East-West

I said in HS4Air’s Connections To HS2, The Great Western Main Line And Heathrow, that it appears that HS4Air’s Heathrow Tunnel will emerge somewhere just South of where the motorways meet.

The station in the South-East corner is Addlestone on the Chertsey Branch Line.

Follow the line Northward and Chertsey station is visible.

Heathrow Southern Railway intend to use this branch as part of their proposal to create access from the South into Heathrow.

From Chertsey, their route would follow to the East of the M25 and then use a short East-West tunnel to connect into Heathrow Terminal 5.

This Google Map shows the Chertsey Branch Line, where it crosses the M25.

The Chertsey Branch Line goes diagonally across the map from Chertsey station in the South-East corner to the North-West corner.

A Junction just before the Chertsey Branch crosses the M25 would connect to the new railway running on the East side of the M25, towards Heathrow.

So that HS4Air and the Heathrow Southern Railway avoid each other, it would appear that the Southern portal of HS4Air’s Heathrow Tunnel must be to the South of the Chertsey Branch.

Onward To Junction 11 Of The M25

If HS4Air, then followed the M25, it could probably be squeezed in as far as a short distance past Junction 11.

This Google Map shows the section of the M25 around junction 11.

Junction 11 to 12 Of The M25

The first map, shows HS4Air following the M25 and passing over the M25/A3 junction.

This Google Map shows the area around the M25/A3 junction.

The junction between the M25 and the A3 is clearly visible.

On either side of the A3, as it goes South of the junction are the RHS Garden Wisley and Wisley Airfield.

I doubt that HS4Air will go anywhere near the Garden, but the airfield might well be the place, where the tunnel under the North Downs has its Northern portal.

The problem is how does HS4Air get between Junctions 11 for the A320 and Junction 10 for the A3 along the M25.

This Google Map shows the section of the M25.

Junction 11 is in the top-left of the map and Junction 10 is in the bottom right.

  • I have flown my helicopter along the route and in places there is not much space on either side of the road.
  • The road runs through housing in places.
  • The road is very busy.
  • The distance between the junctions 10 and 11 is 3.6 miles.

This page on the Highways England web site, says that the road is to be converted into a four lanes each way smart motorway.

Expedition Engineering obviously have a plan to get the motorway and a double-track high speed railway through this difficult section.

The Surrey Tunnel

I said earlier that the Northern Portal of the |Surrey Tunnel will be on or in the vicinity of Wuisley Airfield.

Putting maps together and taking an educated guess, I wonder if the Southern portal is on this map, which shows an area South of Dorking.

Note the Ibstock brick works. Could this be the site?

This Google Map shows its relationship to Gatwick Airport.

The distance is about nine miles, from the brick works in the top left of the map to the Airport.

According to the first map in this post, the route is mainly on the surface


The route is challenging, but I’m pretty sure, that it can be created.



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