The Anonymous Widower

Edinburgh’s Missing Link

In Edinburgh, I’ve walked in an Easterly direction, several times through Princes Street Gardens, with the final intention of taking a train from Edinburgh station.

But as the pictures show, there’s no way through.

You have to walk up to the road, fight your way across a pedestrian crossing and then walk down a ramp into the station.

Why isn’t there a pedestrian tunnel?

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My Hotel In Hamburg

These pictures show my hotel and my room in Hamburg; The Europäischer Hof.

My room was unusual in that it was a proper single room, with everything I needed.

Except one thing; a BBC channel for the News.

I have now stayed in Hamburg in two hotels, where I got a free bus, U-Bahn ans S-Bahn ticket.

The ticket covers the main city zones including the |Airport.

That is an idea I like.

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Bring Your Own Bed!

This guy had certainly found a way to avoid the hard seats on Thameslink’s Class 700 trains, when I returned from Gatwick Airport on Friday night.

He laid down on the exercise bench he was carrying.

I wonder what would happen, if we all brought our own seats or beds at peak times.

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