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New Piazzas And Public Space Next To Historic Stephenson’s Bridge And Beneath Ordsall Chord Could Open ‘This Winter’

The title of this post is the same as that of this article in the Manchester Evening News.

This is the first paragraph.

It had been feared the space would remain closed for years – but Salford Council say they will make sure it opens as soon as they take ownership.

It is good news for those like me, who like interesting city walks.

It is also time for Network Rail and Lewisham and Southwark Councils to sort out what is to happen around London’s new rail structure; the Bermondsey Dive-Under.

This article on the Landscape Institute web site from 2017, is entitled New Railway Junction Gets Top Marks For Biodiversity., describes how the work at Bermondsey has won an award. This is said.

The project involved removal of 21,900 tonnes of contaminated material and eradicated the Japanese knotweed. To increase biodiversity, wildflower planting and green walls were installed to offset vegetation lost in the process of removing the contaminated soils. The project includes 765m2 of green walls under arches and access ramps, and the planting of wildflowers on the railway embankments to create green corridors and stepping stones to the wider area. The team also carried out extensive community engagement, including upgrading the garden in the Lewisham Community Centre.

I think there should be a public walking route through this area.


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  1. The project in Manchester sounds great, somewhere to walk and sit close the city centre. However, having looked at the article in MEN, the photos show lots of steps and no ramps. Part of me can’t believe they would build without disabled access in 2018, but you never know. Trees between the road and the area would be good – the air in Manchester is pretty awful quality, and trees prevent the fumes from coming into quiet places.

    Don’t know if you read MEN often; if you do you will realise how unique this article is because it contains no mention of any Coronation St actors or past actors, and no mention of Man U, Man City or their managers, player or past players. It used to be a good read with interesting articles. But since Mirror Group took over it is obsessed with Football and Corrie!

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | November 10, 2018 | Reply

  2. Since I went North to Liverpool in the 1960s to go to University, I’ve always found Manchester to be a curious city, which doesn’t seem as well organised as Liverpool.
    I always found it strange, that Manchester and Salford had separate bus companies, whereas then, London only had one.

    Perhaps, it’s because Manchester has several cities and boroughs, like Bolton, Manchester, Salford and Stockport, who are always squabbling over how projects and money is allocated.

    Hopefully, a Greater Manchester Mayor will sort it out!

    Comment by AnonW | November 10, 2018 | Reply

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