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A First Trip To Barking Riverside Station

I took a first trip to Barking Riverside station this morning and took these pictures.

I have a few thoughts and observations.

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Network Rail Uses Tree Planting Initiative To Combat Graffiti Hotspot

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Rail Technology Magazine.

These two paragraphs introduce the article.

Network Rail has planted 35 trees, as part of its many sustainability initiatives, at a graffiti hotspot location in London with the hopes of acting as a vandalising deterrent whilst also improving the natural habitats within the area.

This action marks the first time that Network Rail have used ecological measures such as these to prevent graffiti and vandalism. The tree planting at the Bermondsey Dive Under – a junction where one set of rail lines tunnel under another – will not only create nicer visual stimulants for passengers and local residents but will also contribute to significant cleaning cost savings. It is estimated that the graffiti at the South-East London hotspot has cost taxpayers £150,000 in cleaning and rejuvenation works over the last 2 years.

I would expect that £150,000 buys a lot more than 35 trees.

These pictures show the trees from a train going Between East Croydon and London Bridge stations.

I also wonder whether those that are caught for painting the graffiti, should be sentenced to a community service order to plant new trees to stop the vandalism.

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New Piazzas And Public Space Next To Historic Stephenson’s Bridge And Beneath Ordsall Chord Could Open ‘This Winter’

The title of this post is the same as that of this article in the Manchester Evening News.

This is the first paragraph.

It had been feared the space would remain closed for years – but Salford Council say they will make sure it opens as soon as they take ownership.

It is good news for those like me, who like interesting city walks.

It is also time for Network Rail and Lewisham and Southwark Councils to sort out what is to happen around London’s new rail structure; the Bermondsey Dive-Under.

This article on the Landscape Institute web site from 2017, is entitled New Railway Junction Gets Top Marks For Biodiversity., describes how the work at Bermondsey has won an award. This is said.

The project involved removal of 21,900 tonnes of contaminated material and eradicated the Japanese knotweed. To increase biodiversity, wildflower planting and green walls were installed to offset vegetation lost in the process of removing the contaminated soils. The project includes 765m2 of green walls under arches and access ramps, and the planting of wildflowers on the railway embankments to create green corridors and stepping stones to the wider area. The team also carried out extensive community engagement, including upgrading the garden in the Lewisham Community Centre.

I think there should be a public walking route through this area.


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Through The Bermondsey Dive-Under – 15th September 2017

On my trip to Rochester today, I went twice through the Bermondsey Dive-Under.

These pictures were taken on the way to Rochester.

And these were taken on the way back.

It looks like Network Rail are creating a lot more railway arches and other premises for small and medium-sized businesses.

But there seems to be little on the Internet about the future of the area between the lines.

I did find this article on the Network Rail web site, which is entitled Award-winning Network Rail infrastructure project brings biodiversity to Bermondsey. An industrial slum will at least be a green corridor.

The article finishes with this paragraph.

The first line through the Dive Under entered into service in December 2016 and two new lines, dedicated to Southeastern services, will come into passenger use in August 2017.

So as it’s September 2017, we were on the new lines dedicated to Southeastern services.

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A First Ride Through The Bermondsey Dive-Under

I found this video of a ride on through the newly-opened Bermondsey Dive-Under.

The video indicated the train was going to New Cross Gate station.

So camera at the ready, I took a ride from London Bridge station to New Cross Gate station.

Note how you can pick out the pictures on the video.

So now the Dive-Under is partially open.

When I wrote Passing The Completed Acton Dive-Under, I said this.

I’m certain, there are other places on the UK’s rail network, where a similar technique can be used to sort out places, where two rail lines need to cross each other.

I think the same could be said here.

A and B are well on the way to completion. So where’s C?

Dive-Under seems to be a new word for the dictionary.

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Both Sides Of The Bermondsey Dive-Under – Before Christmas 2016

The Bermondsey Dive-Under is on track to be completed by Spring 2017. This page on Thameslink gives more details and the latest progress.

Bermondsey Dive-Under

Bermondsey Dive-Under

These pictures were taken on the 20th of  December, from a train going between London Bridge and East Croydon stations.

And these pictures were taken on the 24th  of December, from a train going between Deptford and Cannon Street stations.

Compare them with those in Both Sides Of The Bermondsey Dive-Under – 26th August 2016


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Both Sides Of The Bermondsey Dive-Under – 26th August 2016

The Bermondsey Dive-Under is on track to be completed by Spring 2017.

This is a visualisation of the completed structure.

Bermondsey Dive-Under

Bermondsey Dive-Under

These pictures show the dive-under from a train, running from London Bridge to Caterham on the line between the Millwall FC ground and the structure.

It’s now getting to look a lot like the official visualisation.

These pictures were taken from a train running into London Bridge from New Cross, on  the other side of the structure.

Crossrail may be the more spectacular and expensive project, but it has no intricate blend of old and new like the Bermondsey Dive-Under.

Thinking about the dive-under and when it is complete.

  • Will there be walking routes through the structures and in the green spaces?
  • How many extra small business units will be created underneath and around the arches?
  • Will the area be integrated into the surrounding community?

Judging on other Network Rail sites, I don’t think the space will be wasted.

I do think that railway arches are a unique city resource, that can create jobs and increase economic activity and also improve the local environment.

Network Rail ought to sponsor an award for the Best New Railway Arch Business every year.




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Bermondsey Dive-Under – 10th August 2016

This set of pictures were taken from the other side to those in Bermondsey Dive-Under – 8th August 2016.

It’s certainly going to be noticeable.

The large building in the background is SELCHP, which is a major energy from waste incinerator.

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Bermondsey Dive-Under – 8th August 2016

On my way to Tulse Hill, I took these pictures of the Bermondsey Dive-Under.



According to the Wikipedia entry for the Bermondsey Dive-Under, it will open in Spring 2017.

Blackfriars staion, London Bridge station and the Borough Market viaduct, may have got all the publicity and infuture the plaudits of critics, but I have a feeling that engineers and those that worked on it, will rate the untying of the railway lines, by creating the Bermondsey Dive-Under to be a greater achievement.

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Bermondsey Dive-Under – 27th June 2016

In A First Ride On A Class 700 Train, I went past the Bermondsey Dive-Under.

Progress seems to be continuing.I just wonder what is going to be built between the dive-under and the line on which my train was running.

I’m sure Network Rail have got viable plans.


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