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Science Has Dim View Of Brexiteers’ Brains

The title of this post is the same as that as an article on Page 3 of The Sunday Times

This is the first three paragraphs.

It is a belief that some pro-Europeans already hold dear, but a group of scientists now claim to have confirmed it: Brexit voters are less bright than remainers.

Researchers gave 11,225 volunteers psycholigical tests before the referendum and asked how they intended to vote. Results suggest that leavers tended to be less numerate, more impulsive and more prone to accept the unsupported claims of authoritarian figures.

“Compared with remain voters, leave voters displayed significantly lower levels of numeracy and appeared more reliant on impulsive thinking.” said the researchers, based at Missouri University.

Nigel Farage is quoted as saying the research was “divisive and arrogant”.

Some would say those two words should be applied to him.

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  1. Just 11,225 volunteers? How about 24 million, being approximately the number in England and Wales who both [compulsorily] provided information on their educational attainment in the 2011 census (ONS) and voted in the 2016 referendum (EC).

    Correlation looks like this

    Leave_vote_percent = 1.0962 (no_A_levels percent) + 1.884%

    or to a close approximation the leave vote is the same proportion who didn’t get A’ levels plus 2%. It’s the dunces what did it.

    It was pretty sad when I first popped this out of a spread sheet on 24th June 2016!

    Comment by R. Mark Clayton | March 10, 2019 | Reply

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