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St. Erth Station To Go Step-Free

This document on the Government web site is entitled Access for All: 73 Stations Set To Benefit From Additional Funding.

St. Erth station is on the list.

These pictures show the station and the current bridge,

Note that the bridge is only used to access trains going West to Penzance.

This Google Map shows the station.


The three tracks from the station are as follows.

  • To Penzance in a South-Westerly direction.
  • To Plymouth in a North-Easterly direction.
  • To St. Ives in a Northerly direction.

The bridge over the main line stands out in white in the bottom-left corner of the map.

Installing The Step-Free Access

As the station is Grade II Listed care must be taken in installing the step-free access.

  • The current elderly steel bridge could be replaced with a modern one with lifts. This could be too drastic for the Heritage Lobby.
  • But It does look that a modern bridge could be installed towards the Eastern End of the station.

In Winner Announced In The Network Rail Footbridge Design Ideas Competition, I wrote how the competition was won by this bridge.

So could a factory-built bridge like this be installed at St. Erth station?

This bridge has the great advantage, that it can be installed without closing the existing bridge.



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