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Lessons From Extinction Rebellion

I only came across Extinction Rebellion once and I took these pictures.

Oxford Circus was totally blocked.

So what have we learned?

A Relatively Small Largely Peaceful Group Can Bring A British City To A Halt

By not using any violence or threats of violence, the good nature of the Metropolitan Police meant that the protest was able to continue, despite the large number of arrests.

It also seemed that many after arrest, went back to the protest.

The Great British Public Didn’t Seem To Be Too Annoyed

Although, one or two celebrities, white van and black cab black drivers seemed to be annoyed, when they were interviewed, the Great British Public seemed to take it on the chin.

Crime Didn’t Seem To Rise In Areas Unaffected By The Protests

I’m not sure of this, but do-called newspapers like the Express, Mail and Sun didn’t seem to have any screaming headlines on the subject.

At The Right Time These Protests Can Be Cleared Without Heavy Police Force

In the end, the Oxford Street and Waterloo Bridge protests, were cleared by strength of numbers and no use of pepper spray, baton rounds or water cannon.

The Future Of Protest

I think we will see more protests of this type against or for such issues as Brexit, Remain and onald Trump.

Would the Met be able to cope with simultaneous protests for the first two groups?

Thinking About Climate Change

Will the Extinction Rebellion protests make us think more about climate change?

Investing In Renewable Energy

One trend I have noted over the past few years, is companies like Aviva, are investing large amounts of our pension funds in large renewable energy projects.

I wrote about one project in World’s Largest Wind Farm Attracts Huge Backing From Insurance Giant.

The Extinction Rebellion protests, must make it easier for Aviva and their like, to justify their investment decisions.

I feel that if the Government sets the right guidelines and tax rules, that companies like Ariva with their billions of pounds of funds, have more power than the Government to change the future.


politicians in the UK are like a load of peasants on bicycles trying to put on a synchronised cycling display in a heavy thunderstorm.

They are morons led by mules!

I regularly use this phrase.

Engineering is the science of the possible, whereas politics is dreams of the impossible.

You can substitute lots of other professions for engineering.

But what we need is politician, who think in scientifically-correct pathways.

After all, you can’t disobey the laws of maths, physics, chemistry, biology and human nature.

But politicians believe you can otherwise racism, Marxism and Fascism wouldn’t exist.

Mondeo Man And Woman Living In A Comfortable House

Are these the real problem, as they drive around in their diesel car, live in very eco-unfriendly houses and fly to their holidays in America and the Far East?

How many of the vast majority of the UK population, even accept that climate change exists?

If they do, they always point to places like China and the United States, who carry on as normal!


There will be more and bigger protests, until politicians manage the art of synchronised bicycle riding!


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  1. I like your comments, but, its not that simple. 1% of the population own 90% of the countries wealth. The poorer end of the market is the area that has nothing to lose in a rebellion. Climate change as portrayed is a myth. We are now entering a Grand Solar Minimum phrase. The last time it happened was a time of prolonged cold, crop failures, famine, political unrest and plagues. We had a Civil War then, in 1645, so history repeats itself. We now have too many people for the Planet to feed, and no longer vast unfound land to inhabit and produce extra food. Protests in the street are like Canute sitting in a chair telling the sea not to advance. Housing for the poor is now impossible due to Government fantasies on sustainable housing policies. The cost is outrageous to build a small house. I built a large 4 bed double garage and house in 1986 for £32.5k, not possible now. The have nots are greater than the haves. Are we seeing the start of an adjustment, or not?

    Comment by jagracer | April 25, 2019 | Reply

    • As I said the pension management companies are hovering up cash from our pensions very fast and I suspect that some are looking at developing a model for low-cost partially factory-built flats for rent! I won’t use the word prefab, as that has too many bad connotations. But partially factory-built buildings can be of a high quality If 90% of tenants were to pay their rent on time, I suspect that pension management companies will get a creditable 2-4% on their investment, that will be sustainable for thirty to forty years. This is similar to what they get from.investing in wind farms and other renewable energy systems. Thirty or forty years would probably cover the average life after retirement for pensioners. I don’t have the actual figures but Aviva and their ilk will have very good data.

      We have the irony, that our pensions could create a greener and fairer world! That is unless we withdraw them and put them on the 15:30 at Lingfield!

      Comment by AnonW | April 25, 2019 | Reply

  2. Having read the comments, I am put in mind of other similarly humanity threatening fears in my lifetime. In my late childhood/early teens we all knew and were regularly reminded by everyone that we were on the brink of a nuclear war which would destroy humanity. There were adverts around for nuclear shelters to go in gardens, and details of how to survive if we didnt have one when the bomb dropped. By my mid to late 20s this had passed somewhat but we were all going to die of AIDS. It was going to destroy humanity. Then from very late 1980s and even more so in the 90s, this fell by the wayside because the millennium bug was going destroy life as we know it. It didnt. Then Climate change, which had been jogging along in the background for a few years by this time, really took off and it is going to destroy the earth so humanity is again going to be destroyed. I do accept there is climate change and I do accept that some parts of the worth are using too many resources whilst others have nothing. But like many people of my age, we are used to “humanities destruction” being predicted; and many people my age don’t actually feel as motivated as they did about nuclear war in their teens. Because it didnt happen, and Aids turned out to be not real threat to humanity as whole, and the millennium bug was a myth. It is a difficult one – many people aren’t convinced and assume that some mythical “THEY” will sort everything out.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | April 25, 2019 | Reply

    • Imagine you’re a pension fund manager in a reputable company, who has several billion pound under your control.

      As the average pension could be paid for around 30-40 years, you need safe investments that will pay an appropriate return for that time, so that the pension can be paid.

      A lot of investments have now lost their glister; oil shares, department stores, High Street shops to name but three.

      As we will always need energy, renewable energy like wind, wave, hydro, solar and tidal may be a quality investment, if the power station is well-built and reliable. And the life time of some of these power stations is in excess of forty years.

      We could be seeing a technology race, where competition between the big electrical equipment manufacturers, leads to benefits for all concerned. The losers will be those that persist in burning coal and oil.

      Comment by AnonW | April 25, 2019 | Reply

  3. I do hope these protesters now pack their bags and head for China, India, Russia etc I.e. the countries that really are polluting the planet and try protesting there.

    Over Easter the UK went without any power generated from coal powered stations.

    Comment by Maurice Reed | April 25, 2019 | Reply

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