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Hither Green Station To Go Step-Free

This document on the Government web site is entitled Access for All: 73 Stations Set To Benefit From Additional Funding.

Hither Green station is on the list.

These pictures show the station and the current bridges,

Like Petts Wood station, which I wrote about in Petts Wood Station To Go Step-Free, Hither Green station is a rather unlovely assemblage.

  • It has all the qualities of the worst corrugated iron buildings.
  • There are five flights of steep stairs.
  • There are two separate bridges.
  • Entry to and exit from the station are from a subway, that links to Platforms 4 and 5.
  • To access Platforms 1,2, 3 and 6, a bridge must be used.
  • I suspect that some interchanges may need crossing both bridges.

This Google Map shows the station.

Note the three pairs of tracks, with six platforms and two bridges.

In Winner Announced In The Network Rail Footbridge Design Ideas Competition, I wrote how the competition was won by this bridge.

So could a factory-built bridge like this be installed be installed at Hither Green station?

This bridge has the great advantage, that it can be installed without closing the existing bridge.

This Google Map shows the South Eastern section of the station.

Could two bridges linked ny an aerial walkway across the woods be added beyond the covered parts of the station?

Some interchanges would be a walk of perhaps a hundred metres, but they would be fully step-free.

The rest of this terrible station would be left untouched and could be gradually improved in the future.

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