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Meridian Water Station Has Opened

Meridian Water station opened yesterday, so I went there this morning to have a look.

It was surprisingly deserted, although the lifts and displays were working.

There was no-one around, so I just walked through the station building, down the stairs to Platform 2/3 and along to the country end of the platform.

These are my observations.

Platform 1

There is no platform or track in the position, where a Platform 1 will be on the side of the station nearest to Tesco and IKEA.

It could be turned into a through line, a through line with a platform or another bay platform as required in the future.

Platform 2

Platform 2 is currently arranged as a bay platform with buffer stops.

Platform 3

Platform 3 shares an island platform with Platform 2 and is a through platform on the West Anglia Main Line for trains towards London.

Trains will stop as required by the timetable.

Use Of Platforms 2 And 3

Use of Platforms 2/3 could be as follows.

  • The two trains per hour (tph) shuttle to Stratford station, will use Platform 2.
  • Trains from Platform 2 will use the new third track to Lea Bridge Junction.
  • Two tph  stop at Platform 3 on their way to London.
  • Trains that stop in Platform Platform 3 will use the West Anglia Main Line to Lea Bridge Junction.
  • After the two tracks merge at Lea Bridge Junction, they will continue as a single line until Stratford.

This adds up to the promised four tph.

It should also be noted that trains take 15-18 minutes to go between Meridian Water and Stratford stations and about ten minutes to go between Meridian Water and Lea Bridge stations.

Platform 4

Platform 4 is a through platform for trains leaving London.

Trains will stop as required by the timetable.

Platform Lengths

The platforms are long and could easily accommodate an eight-car train.

How Will The Shuttle Trains Run On The New Third Track?

To go between Lea Bridge and Meridian Water stations takes ten minutes, so with perhaps five minutes to turn the train round, will mean a twenty-five minute round trip from Lea Bridge station.

This would allow the promised two tph for the shuttle trains, North of Lea Bridge station.

How Will The Shuttle Trains Turnback At Stratford?

Currently, the two tph going between Stratford and Bishops Stortford or Hertford East stations use Platform 11 or 12 at Stratford station.

Trains also take eight minutes to go between Lea Bridge and Stratford stations, so adding five minutes to turn round, will mean a twenty-one minute Round trip from Lea Bridge station.

In other words, the promised four tph is impossible in a single platform.

But running two tph into both platforms 11 and 12 would allow the promised four tph.

However, although 11 and 12 are adjacent numbers, they are not adjacent platforms at Stratford and are connected by a subway.

Using two platforms would not be a passenger-friendly idea.

Does this mean that the High Meads Loop will be brought into use to turn the trains. This has been used in the past to turn Stansted Express trains, when they had a service to Stratford.

The signs still exist, as this picture shows.

So could local trains use Platform 11 and in the future Stansted Expresses might use Platform 12? Or might a succession of trains, just use a single platform?

I have always believed that to get the required capacity, the High Meads Loop needs to be used.

It appears though, that Greater Anglia will not be running four tph to Meridian Water station until September.

Will Trains To And From Liverpool Street Station Call At Meridian Water Station?

I don’t see why not!

  • It would make it easy for passengers going between Liverpool Street and Meridian Water stations.
  • Especially, as Greater Anglia’s new Class 720 trains, should be able to execute a stop much quicker.

Two tph to each London terminal would give Meridian Water four tph.

Future Proofing

Provision has been made for an extra Platform 1, but have other things been done.

I feel, one possibility would be for Southbound trains to split into two routes, just North of Meridian Water station.

  • Trains for Liverpool Street, would continue to use Platform 3, as it appears they do now or will do.
  • Trains for Stratford, would use Platform 1

All Southbound trains to Stratford would use the new third track exclusively.

The picture shows the end of Platform 2 and what lies behind.

Once Angel station has been demolished, will the track be modified, so that trains can go to Stratford, through Platform 1?

Field Day Festival Friday 7th June And Saturday 8th June 2019.

The Field Day Festival will be held this weekend and they are recommending using Meridian Water station.

The National Rail timetable is showing late services to Liverpool Street, are  stopping at Meridian Water station to bring festival goers back to Central London.

Where Are The Trains?

I watch Nation Rail departures page and I haven’t found any trains actually running.

Perhaps, something is not going to plan.


It looks like we have a station that is ready and waiting, but that the trains aren’t running according to plan.

Let’s hope it’s all right by Friday for the Field Festival!


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