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Leaves On The line? AI Signals End To Commuters’ Train Pain

The title of this article is the same as that of an article, that was on the front page of yesterday’s copy of The Times.

It talks about a system being developed by Hack Partners, that uses a camera to record lineside trees and then a computer using AI directs tree cutting gangs to the right places.

This is one of several systems that are to be funded by the Government. This paragraph summarised the grants.

The DfT and Innovate UK, the government’s technology agency, will announce today that up to £7.8 million is being invested in 24 trials of projects to boost performance on the railway. Each will receive between £250,000 and £350,000.

I particularly like a system from a Dutch company called 4Silence, which is designed to cut the noise of trains, which is described like this.

other schemes being funded include a noise barrier only 1m high topped by a steel grid, developed by the Dutch company 4Silence, which can deflect the sound of passing trains, improving the quality of life for residents near by.

I wonder what percentage of these trials will be winners.

I hope those who judge the success of these schemes, except that not all innovation succeeds.

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