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Meridian Water Station Is To Be Upgraded

In the Wiukipedia entry for Meridian Water station, this is said.

In August 2019, it was announced that funding had been approved for construction of a fourth platform and a new section of track between Tottenham Hale and Meridian Water to enable up to 8 trains per hour to serve the station at peak times.

This must be the earliest upgrade in history, after a new station has opened.

I have searched the Internet and can’t find anything more about the loose statement, I quoted above.

Space has been left for the fourth platform, which will be numbered 1, on the East side of the station, as this picture taken from the island platform 2/3 shows.

Will platform 1 be a terninal platform or will it be a through platform.

A through platform connected to a loop around the island platform would allow Southbound trains to split to the North of the station.

  • Trains for Liverpool Street would call in Platform 3 and continue as now to Liverpool Street.
  • Stopping trains for Stratford would call in Platform 1 and take the proposed extra track to Tottenham Hale.
  • Express trains for Stratford could call in Platform 3 and continue as now to Stratford.
  • Platform 2 would still be a bay platform to handle shuttle trains from Stratford.

Eight trains per hour (tph) in both directions calling at the station could be as follows.

  • Platform 1 – Two tph from Bishops Stortford to Stratford
  • Platform 2 – Two tph Meridian Water to Stratford
  • Platform 3 – Two tph from Hertford East to Liverpool Street
  • Platform 3 – One tph from Cambridge to Liverpool Street
  • Platform 3 – One tph from Cambridge North to Liverpool Street
  • Platform 4 – Two tph from Stratford to Bishops Stortford
  • Platform 4 – Two tph from Liverpool Street to Hertford East
  • Platform 4 – One tph from Liverpool Street to Cambridge
  • Platform 4 – One tph from Liverpool Street to Cambridge North

Four tph go to and from each of Stratford and Liverpool Street.

The Extra Track

As I said earlier, the extra track could be a loop through the station with the following layout.

  • Start to the North of Meridian Water station, around the area of the former Angel Road station.
  • Go through Platform 1 at Meridian Water station.
  • Continue South to the East of the other three tracks.
  • Go through Northumberland Park station, where provision has been made to add a new Platform 1.
  • Continue South.
  • It would probably then join with the new Northbound track and go into Platform 2 at Tottenham Hale station.
  • Continue South on the recently-built third track to Lea Bridge and Stratford stations.

The operation of the route looks complicated with the number of tracks as follows.

  • Between Stratford and Lea Bridge Junction via Lea Bridge station – Two tracks
  • Between Lea Bridge Junction and Tottenham Hale station – One track – Bi-directional
  • Between Tottenham Hale and Meridian Water via Northumberland Park station – Two tracks

This would enable a four tph service between Stratford and Meridian Water stations.

Would It Not Be Better To Extend The Fourth Track To Lea Bridge Junction?


But by only having a single extra bi-directional track South of Tottenham Hale, they can achieve the required service without replacing the Ferry Lane Bridge and possibly with a simpler track layout at Lea Bridge Junction.

How Would And Stratford and Stansted Airport Services Fit In?

What I think the eight tph service could be, means that on the third track between Tottenham Hale and Lea Bridge stations, there are four Southbound and two Northbound trains in every hour. This can probably be handled by bi-directional running on the single track section.

But other arrangements would probably have to be made to squeeze some more services into the section between Tottenham Hale and Lea Bridge stations.

Perhaps digital signalling would allow Stansted trains to use the main route and only stopping trains would use the new third track. This could probably mean that Stratford had the following services along the West Anglia Main Line.

  • 2tph – Shuttle to Meridian Water
  • 2 tph – Semi-fast to Bishops Stortford
  • 2 tph – Stansted Express

Would some or all of the train use the High Meads Loop to turn round, as some Stansted services to Stratford have done in the past?

Will A Stratford And Stansted Service Be An Extension Of The Norwich and Stansted Service?

This would be possible and Greater Anglia have enough Class 755 trains to run it.

  • It would add a fourth service in each hour between London and Norwich.
  • It would add a direct service between Cambridge and Stratford.
  • If run at a frequency of 2 tph it would greatly improve connectivity up the West Anglia Main Line to Cambridge and Stansted Airport

Passenger numbers will decide what happens.

Train timings are interesting.

With the current Class 170 trains, I suspect that they could run between Norwich and Stansted in just under two hours, to make a round trip in four hours possible but tight. So can the bi-mode Class 755 trains using electricity South of Ely easily achieve the very convenient four hour round trip?

  • The bay platform at Cambridge would be released for other services.
  • Just four trains would be needed for an hourly service.

Between Stansted and Stratford a limited stop Express would be comfortably under the hour, especially if the High Meads Loop were to be used.

  • Stansted and Stratford would need four trains to run a two tph service,which would probably be Class 720 trains.
  • Norwich and Stratford via Stansted would need six trains for an hourly service and twelve for two tph.

The numbers of extra trains required for a joined-up two tph service between Norwich and Stratford, probably make it unlikely.

I think the service will be as follow.

  • Hourly Norwich and Stansted using Class 755 trains.
  • 2tph Stansted and Stratford using Class 720 trains.

But if the Norwich and Stansted via Cambridge service is as successful, as I think it will be, the passenger numbers might prompt Greater Anglia to add a second train on every hour.

The only problem would be if the new services generated a lot of journeys between Cambridge and Stratford and Greater Anglia felt there should be at least an hourly service.

Will Stansted Services Stop At Meridian Water?

Why not!

  • It is going to be a community of ten thousand houses.
  • Businesses in the are will increase and could be attracted by an Airport service.
  • Modern trains have a very short dwell time.

It will depend on the passenger numbers.

The Shuttle Starts

The station should be receiving the first shuttle trains on Monday the 9th of September,, as I said in The Shuttle Train Between Stratford And Meridian Water Stations Has Appeared In The Timetable.

Looking at the timetable fo Monday from around 14:00, Strastford services through Tottenham Hale station appear to be.

  • 13:56 in Platform 3 – Bishops Stortford (13:15) to Stratford (14:10) – Doesn’t use the third track.
  • 14:13 in Platform 4 – Stratford (14:00) to Bishops Stortford (14:56) – Doesn’t use the third track.
  • 14:13 in Platform 2 – Meridian Water (14:08) to Stratford (14:23) – On the third track between 14:08 and 14:16
  • 14:25 in Platform 2 – Stratford (14:16) to Meridian Water (14:31) – On the third track between 14:22 and 14:31
  • 14:43 in Platform 3 – Bishops Stortford (13:47) to Stratford (14:40) – Doesn’t use the third track.
  • 14:43 in Platform 4 – Stratford (14:30) to Bishops Stortford (15:23) – Doesn’t use the third track.
  • 14:43 in Platform 2 – Meridian Water (14:38) to Stratford (14:53) -On the third track between 14:38 and 14:46
  • 14:55 in Platform 2 – Stratford (14:46) to Meridian Water (15:01) – On the third track between 14:52 and 15:01
  • 14:56 in Platform 3 – Bishops Stortford (14:15) to Stratford (15:10) – Doesn’t use the third track.
  • 15:13 in Platform 4 – Stratford (15:00) to Bishops Stortford (15:56) – Doesn’t use the third track.


  1. The first time in each entry, is the time at Tottenham Hale.
  2. All Stratford services from Tottenham Hale leave from the island platform 2/3.

It would appear that the two tph to Bishops Stortford and 2tph to Meridian Water are intertwined.

I can follow the first train through the services in the table.

  • The first train leaves Bishops Stortford at 13:15 and arrives at Stratford at 14:10
  • It leaves for Meridian Water at 14:16, where it arrives at 14:31
  • It returns to Stratford at 14:38, where it arrives at 14:53.
  • The train finally leaves for Bishops Stortford at 15:30, where it arrives at 16:23

The 14:10 arrival at Stratford left Bishops Stortford at 13:15 and that the 15:30 arrives back at Bishops Stortford at 16:23, where it forms the 16:47 back to Stratford.

The round trip is three and a half hours and it would need seven trains.

What Trains Will Be Used For The Shuttle?

The current services between Stratford and Bishops Stortford are pairs of Class 317 trains, forming an eight-car train.

These will work well for the time being, but what happens when the new Class 720 trains arrive.

These are five- and ten-car trains and will they be a suitable length to run the Stratford/Bishops Sortford/Meridian Water services?

Five-car may be too short and ten-car may be too long!

The only four-car trains in the area are the Class 710 trains of the London Overground.


There are a lot of questions to answer.

I shall add to this post, when I see what is happening next week.

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  1. HI!
    When the Lincoln service is extended, is it possible to extend to Grimsby?

    Then, when the 5 + 5 Middlesbroug Via. Northallerton service is launched in 2021, the best destination for one of the paired 5 cars is Scarborough?

    Are there any other possibilities such as Sculthorpe, Sheffield Via.Retford or Harrogate Via.York.

    Comment by Yy Hiro | September 6, 2019 | Reply

  2. I laughed my socks off when I read the title and the first sentence … short term thinking has really become the norm and will be the death knell of our once proud nation…

    I said from the ourset, the station should have had a bridge directly over Mollinson avenue to save passengers having to cross the road… and have got IKEA to design and pay for it…

    Comment by PJS | September 6, 2019 | Reply

    • I went to Cambridge yesterday and the space for another track has been reserved, so constructing it won’t be a problem.

      I don’t think that the track could be built until Angel Road station station had closed, which of course couldn’t happen until Meridian Water opened. Also, the Ferry Lane bridge at Tottenham Hale would have to be replaced to get a fourth track through, which will be needed for both Crossrail 2 and four-tracking. This bridge is very busy and replacing it will be a nightmare. So perhaps, the planners have decided not to tackle the bridge until all the current projects along the Lea Valley are finished.

      The bridge should go right across.

      Comment by AnonW | September 7, 2019 | Reply

  3. This upgrade is part of a package announced my Enfield Council

    Comment by HW | September 7, 2019 | Reply

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