The Anonymous Widower

Boris Gets Screwed, Glued And Tattooed

I voted Remain, but just wish that this Brexit rubbish can be sorted one way or another!

With my circumstances as a non-driving, single pensioner living alone in a comfortable house with a more than adequate pension, Remain or Leave will probably make no or little difference to the rest of my life.

But other things could!

  • Increasing air pollution in London and other cities.
  • Global warming.
  • A government that raided my pension fund or pursued policies that would reduce its value.
  • The closure of more restaurants that are good at gluten-free food!
  • A government that didn’t back public transport.
  • Increasing violence on the streets.
  • A government that didn’t back serious research in Universities.

I have listed them in a rough order.

Should We Leave Now?

I actually feel now, that we should leave the EU, as to disobey the referendum would set a bad and dangerous precedent.

Especially, if we have a second referendum, in the hope of getting a result more acceptable to government and/or parliament and it proves just as close.

Imagine a controversial referendum in the future, such as bringing back the death penalty or imposing high carbon taxes.

If the government and/or parliament does’t get an acceptable result, will they go for further referendums until they do?

Where Now?

Boris is in a corner of his own making!

In the days of Rab Butler, Joe Grimond and Harold Wilson, the solution would have been to call in The Queen, who would give the nod to the next Prime Minister chosen by the Great and Good of the strongest party in the House of Commons.

Now with more democratically elected party leaders and the Fixed Term Parliament Act, such old-fashioned methods are now considered undemocratic.

But will the current crop of comedians in the House break the deadlock?


House Of Cards has nothing on this!



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  1. I agree House of Cards has nothing on this.

    I also think that we are risking serious civil unrest if we don’t leave – I am remain and don’t hide that, but people have been quite unpleasant about the fact I voted remain. Sadly I think we have to leave but with a deal. When it comes to an election we have LibDem saying they will revoke Article 50 immediately if they get in. My own personal political beliefs and thoughts are generally most in with LibDem, but I can’t support immediate revocation of Article 50 because of the risk of civil unrest. Boris Johnson is complete and utter wazzock – I can’t think of a better word without actually swearing badly. And he says he will bring us out with no deal – which I presume would be illegal after recent votes against it in Parliament. I suspect that if he does, some organisation or other will take him to court like they did over prorogation of parliament. And arguments and potential civil unrest will be likely. Corbyn seems to be losing the plot financially; how is he going to pay for all the things he is promising. He isn’t stating this and I believe this is because he doesn’t know, and hasn’t done the sums; which is a pity because I had previously seen as an honest man who stood by his principles (for a politician anyway). My local MP, who isn’t LibDem but who I vote for because she is an excellent MP locally and nationally has left Labour Party and joined TIG Change.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | September 25, 2019 | Reply

  2. I don’t think Remainers should be cowed by threats of violence from the Ultra Brexiters. That’s a slippery slope leading to fascism.

    Presumably Corbyn will use the same money tree as Johnson, who has also made many reckless spending commitments.

    Comment by JohnC | September 25, 2019 | Reply

    • There’s one magic money tree, that I hope neither touches or interferes with. Compulsory pensions have meant that the pension and insurance companies, like Aviva, Aberdeen Standard and L & G have billions to invest. Aviva have found that wind farms and Aberdeen Standard have found trains are good long term investments to fund pensions. Last week Prudential bought a railfreight company, that is in need of funds for expansion. Mess with these companies and they’ll invest elsewhere.

      After all if an offshore wind farm in UK waters pays 2-4 % for 30-40 years, it’ll probably pay the same in Dutch or Irish waters!

      Comment by AnonW | September 25, 2019 | Reply

  3. Army now control Manston and are busy turning it into a Gulag.

    Resist BREXIT


    Comment by PierreMontHenry (@thanetric) | September 27, 2019 | Reply

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