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Crossrail And Ealing Broadway Station

This map from shows the track layout at Ealing Broadway station.

These are lines from North to South through the station.

  • The lines shown in green are the District Line, which terminates in platforms 9, 8 and 7.
  • The lines shown in red are the Central Line, which terminates in platforms 6 and 5.
  • The lines shown in dark blue are the slow lines through platforms 4 and 3, which carry Crossrail and other slow services. Platform 4 is the London-bound platform.
  • The lines shown in black are the fast lines through platforms 2 and 1, which carry all fast services. Platform 2 is the London-bound platform.

These are my thoughts on the layout.

Eastbound Crossrail Trains

Passengers travelling East on Crossrail, will be able to walk across from Platform 4 to any of the terminal platforms numbered 5 to 9, for the Central and District Lines.

This picture taken from a London-bound train in Platform 4 shows a Central Line train in Platform 5.

They are only a short walk apart and passengers who are changing trains will probably position themselves in the rear of the Crossrail train.

Passengers entering the station will just walk across to Platform 4 to use Crossrail to Central London and beyond.

I doubt there will be many passengers arriving on the Central and District Lines, who will want to go back on themselves to Central London. If say they lived near a station between West Acton and Marble Arch, and wanted to go East on Crossrail, they’d probably change between the Central Line and Crossrail at Bond Street station.

Westbound Crossrail Trains

Passengers needing to access the Westbound Crossrail trains in Platform 3, will have to use the bridge over the slow lines carrying Crossrail.

Because of the multiple interchanges between the Central Line and Crossrail, depending on where you join the Central Line, you will probably change to Westbound Crossrail trains at different points.

  • Start a journey between West Acton and Marble Arch and you’ll probably change to the Westbound Crossrail at Ealing Broadway.
  • Start a journey at Oxford Circus and you’ll probably change to the Westbound Crossrail at Bond Street.
  • Start a journey between Bank and Holborn and you’ll probably change to the Westbound Crossrail at Tottenham Court Road.
  • East of Bank, there are two interchanges at Liverpool Street and Stratford.

It is very much a ducker and diver’s paradise.

Escalators And Lifts Could Be Needed At Ealing Broadway Station

There could be quite a number of passengers needing to cross to and from Platform 3, who will mainly be in two categories.

  • Westbound passengers leaving the station.
  • Westbound passengers arriving on the Central and District Lines wanting to continue West on Crossrail.

In addition, there will be a large number of passengers entering the station, wanting to catch trains to Central London.

To cater for these passenger flows, there must be a full set of up-and-down escalators and lifts for the following.

  • Platforms 4 to 9 in the main station.
  • Platform 3 on the Westbound slow line for Crossrail and other slow services.

Wikipedia says four lifts will be added.

It should be noted, that Dlston Junction station handles similar numbers of passengers to Ealing Broadway with one lift and one wide double staircase.

Escalators would future proof the station for more services.

Will District Line Services Be Replaced By Piccadilly Line Services?

There are rumours, that the District Line services at Ealing Broadway station will be replaced by Piccadilly Line services.

Reportedly, this will do the following.

  • Allow frequency increases on the District Line to Richmond and Wimbledon.
  • Allow a frequency increase on the core section of the Piccadilly Line.


  • Whatever service uses Ealing Broadway will have little effect on the operation of the station.
  • Acton Town, Hammersmith, Barons Court, Earl’s Court, Gloucester Road and South Kensington stations are all served by both the District and Piccadilly Lines.
  • The Piccadilly Line could be an alternative to Crossrail 2 between Green Park and Kings Cross.
  • The Piccadilly Line will have new high-capacity trains in a few years.

Will the change, which means the Piccadilly Line has a capacity increase, allow Crossrail 2 to be delayed by a couple of years?

  • This would ease, Transport for London’s cash flow.
  • It might also allow a better plan for building Crossrail 2

It will be interesting to see the full details of the swapping of lines.

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  1. […] Broadway, where the interchange is on the surface. See Crossrail And Ealing Broadway Station for my thoughts on the […]

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  2. In spite of Crossrail running to Heathrow from Ealing Broadway making the following redundant, from a service (if not cost) point of view in the event the District line service at Ealing Broadway is replaced by the Piccadilly line would it not make sense for the latter to eventually being further extended to Heathrow looping back to say Terminal 5 (and if feasible running towards Terminal 4)?

    Comment by Al | December 10, 2019 | Reply

  3. I suspect some people may change to Crossrail from Central here and vice versa (instead of Bond Street) because
    1/ the change will be less distance walking between platforms than at Bond Street/Tottenham Court Road, less crowded and also psychologically easier (you can see your destination)
    2/ may be greater chance of a seat on Crossrail for a potentially long onwards journey
    3/ It may be that Crossrail will initially open without Bond Street being available for passenger use (except for emergency evacuation) given how late the building works are running, with the central London access being Tottenham Court Road only.

    Comment by MilesT | December 10, 2019 | Reply

    • Londoners are Ducking and Diving World Champions

      Comment by AnonW | December 10, 2019 | Reply

  4. One difference that can be seen in the above photo is the railing barrier which separate the eastbound platform 4 TFL/ GWR trains from terminating central line trains . No sure whether plans exist to open up this to cross platform interchange thus allowing arriving eastbound passengers to change to central line trains on adjacent platform.

    It’s also noticeable that the district line platforms extend beyond entrance from Central line with no platform level terminal interchange at the buffer end of district line trains.

    Comment by Melvyn | December 10, 2019 | Reply

  5. By increasing the frequency of the Richmond and Wimbledon Branches, I do think that the Piccadilly line replacing the District line to
    Ealing Broadway Station taking over the Branch is Not Practical. Tfl should buy some more S7 Stock District line trains to Sufficiently serve the Richmond, Wimbledon and
    Ealing Broadway Station Branches by for a start Ceasing the Shuttle between Olympia and High Street Kensington Stations as Olympia Station is Sufficiently served by the London Overground from Clapham Junction Stations to Willesden Junction Stations via Shepherds Bush Stations. If so Tfl should multiply the current frequency by 2 for the future as they should make Even More District line trains terminate at Ealing Broadway Station and Upminster Stations.

    Comment by Aronjit | March 30, 2020 | Reply

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