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Buried Utilities Threaten To Delay TfL’s Barking Riverside Extension

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on New Civil Engineer.

This seems to be the curse of so many rail and I suspect road and other projects in the UK.

  • As it’s a new rail line, this one is not down to British Rail or their predecessors.
  • It appears, that it is Thames Water and BT.
  • Nothing in the article gives any details of when the utilies were installed.

At least the contractors and the utility owners seem to be getting on with sorting out the problems.

I’ve always felt that in the past, when large projects were undertaken, the builders felt that there was no need to properly document everything, as the team, who did the work, would still be around twenty years in the future, if the project have to be revisited.

Unfortunately, this time, there will be a need for an accurate survey and a redesign.

But at least it is a site with plenty of space.

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  1. I don’t know about Thames Water, but BT openly admit that they have no records of what cables were laid in the past, nor where they were laid. We regularly have men with their heads in cabinets in the village trying to match the ends of unlabelled and undocumented cables to find an unused pair to replace those terrible aluminium cables they used in the 1960s that are now turning to aluminium oxide!
    BT recently installed a telegraph pole in the wrong place outside my property and I have been trying for 3 months to get them to move it. They truly are the untouchables. There is no way to contact the people responsible, and the people that answer the phone and take the complaints just can’t get them to call me. They are almost as exasperated as I am. I have told them that if it isn’t gone by mid January, I will fell it with a chainsaw, as I need access for a crane to deliver a new building. Still no response.
    Don’t expect BT to get the services moved in less than 4 months.

    Comment by John Wright | December 12, 2019 | Reply

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