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I’m Fed Up With Former Or Current Labour MPs Saying They Feel Sorry For Their Constituents

They feel sorry, that everybody will now have at least five years of a Tory government.

But surely, these former and current MPs are partly to blame.

Many of my friends, who have been Labour supporters for decades have kept reminding me of the state of the Labour Party for some time and have just given up.

Many of these MPs now feeling sorry, must have know about the incompetents at the top and their suicidal policies that don’t work.

So why didn’t they change the leadership, which even now seems reluctant to go?

But then Marxists don’t resign like other incompetents.

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  1. I am no Corbyn fan but during the election campaign I let the Corbyn-related posts go without comment as, to be quite frank, I couldn’t be bothered to do otherwise. I am signed up for the transport-related posts and as a blogger you are entitled to your political views. Expressing them during an election campaign is perfectly acceptable. However, I looked forward to the blog returning to “normal” once the election had taken place.

    Please do consider that the time for anti-Corbyn blog posts has now passed. Quite apart from the accuracy of calling Corbyn “Marxist” (or even “ultra-Marxist” on occasions), I have no idea why you continue to be so excited by the political views of someone who now has very little political power. There is no sign that he is about to renege on his decision to step down as Labour leader although, if you are not a Labour supporter, you should be hoping he stays on!

    Comment by Anon | December 16, 2019 | Reply

  2. ^^ Agree with this comment. You may also find that most people interested in the railways reacted positively to their policy on nationalisation.

    Final point, no-one is responsible for any election result except the voters themselves. There were plenty of options other than labour.

    Comment by J M | December 16, 2019 | Reply

    • I am currently travelling on a nationalised train operating company on a train built by a Japanese company and owned by a leasing company on a nationalised railway track.

      I have just been to Harrogate on LNER’s new service, which was probably planned by Virgin Trains East Coast and Chris Graylibg’s Dept of Transport.

      Everything was excellent except for a bit of problems with seat reservations, as instead of two five-car trains working as a pair, we got a one-car. But no-one was inconvenienced by this bout of teething trouble, probably caused by a booking system programmed far, far away!

      Ownership is generally irrelevant, if all the people and equipment involved are working well!

      Comment by AnonW | December 16, 2019 | Reply

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