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The Former BHS Building

I always remember this building as the BHS Building, which I used to use as a cut-through from Regent Street to John Lewis.

Some years before it closed, BHS cut off this route and I never bought anything in an Arcadia Group store again!

So I certainly have no affection for this heap of concrete.

If the Cavendish Square development goes ahead, that I wrote about in The Proposed Development Under Cavendish Square, I think that this building will be drawn into the development.

  • It has a substantial frontage on Oxford Street.
  • It could be key to giving step-free access between Oxford Circus station and the Cavendish Square development.
  • It could provide step-free access to Oxford Circus station.

Would anybody miss it, if it were to be demolished?

I wonder, who owns this building.


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  1. […] perhaps the most interesting building is the former BHS flagship store, that lies to the East of John Lewis, with Cavendish Square to the North and Oxford Street to the […]

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  2. My guess as to ownership..Taveta (i.e. Lady Green), unless it has been sold on.

    Comment by MilesT | December 31, 2019 | Reply

    • Should have done a quick search first before my previous reply

      Likely owned by a company called Oxford & City

      May be a Canadian owned property company used by Canadian pension funds as a way of investing in properties in a liquid, geared way (if I am connecting similarly named companies correctly, not entirely certain i have).

      Comment by MilesT | December 31, 2019 | Reply

      • The Cavendish Square site was owned by Westminster Council, but I think it is now owned by the developers.
        So if you’re right the two companies could get together and create a much better development between Harley Street and Oxford Street.
        And hopefully London gets a step-free entrance to Oxford Circus station.
        I don’t think that this plan will go the way of the pedestrianisation of Oxford Street .

        Comment by AnonW | December 31, 2019

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