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Enter The Polymath!

This article in today’s Times is entitled Pandemic Can Be Controlled, Says Scientist Michael Levitt.

Michael Levitt is no ordinary scientist.

  • Born in South Africa
  • Educated at Kings College and Cambridge
  • Professor at Stanford
  • A Nobel Laureate

He is also married to an expert in Chinese art, so visits China regularly.

This is the introductory paragraph to the Times article.

The world will beat coronavirus faster than most experts expect, provided that social distancing is observed, a Nobel laureate scientist who correctly forecast the pandemic’s trajectory in China has predicted.

This is the last section of the article, which has a headline of Levitt’s China Forecast.

  • February 21 Professor forecasts 80,000 cases and 3,250 deaths
  • March 23 Official figures from China say there have been 81,093 cases and 3,270 deaths. There have been 39 additional cases today and nine additional deaths

Whatever you do today, read the article.

It does look that his advice has been read by Boris! Or Boris’s advisors have come to the same conclusion.



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