The Anonymous Widower

I Only Ran Out Of Deoderant

For about three years, I’ve not bought deodorant or toothpaste in the normal manner, in say a shop in the High Street or locally.

What I’ve tended to do, is just pack my toothbrush and a few other things in my travel bag and buy new travel ones, once I’ve gone through Customs.

Consequently, I’ve only bought small travel roll-on deodorants. I’ve used roll-on ones for many years, as I didn’t like to use aerosols with all their noxious gases.

On Friday my last one ran-out and I needed a new one. The only one I could buy in a local shop, was an aerosol powered by butane. In other words it’s a flame-thrower in all but name! Search the Internet and you’ll find lots of pictures.

I find this very sad, as I funded a development of a totally-safe aerosol, that used compressed nitrogen as the propellant! The development was sold to a US company and I got a return on my money! Obviously, the product wasn’t cheap and nasty enough! But it was good enough though to be discussed at the Montreal Climate Change talks in 2005.

I actually found the butane-powered flame-thrower impossible to use, due to the damage to my left hand.

  • Was it the break to my humerus caused by the school bully?
  • Was it the stroke?
  • Was it the recent damage caused by my fall?

I just needed to find a roll-on deodorant. But had they been discontinued?

This morning, thankfully, I found one at the Angel.

So I will smell better tomorrow!

I won’t leave this post before telling this tale.

I used to work for ICI Mond Division, who used to make the hydro-fluoro-carbon gases, that used to power aerosols in the 1960s and 1970s.

One of the guys in a nearby lab, where I worked at Runcorn Heath, used to formulate the propellants for possible products.

His standard joke was that he’d get baked beans into an aerosol, even if they had to come out one by one.

Every so often, he’d bring round samples that he’d made for various companies and one day I obtained an aerosol hand cream.

What make it was, no-one had a clue, but C always swore, it was the best hand cream, she’d ever used.


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