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DB Launches New Spanish-Anglo Freight Service

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on Rail Magazine.

This is the introductory paragraph.

A 72-hour freight service carrying essential hygiene, medical and food products from Spain to London has been launched by DB Cargo UK and sister company Transfesa Logistics.

These are some points made in the article.

  • Trains will run between Valencia and Murcia in Spain and Barking in London.
  • Obviously the Channel Tunnel and High Speed One, will be used.

I think in the coming days and months, we’ll see more services like this.

Ripple Lane Intermodal Terminal And Cross-Channel Freight Traffic

Wikipedia has a sub-section about Ripple Lane.

Some points from the sub-section.

  • The terminal was developed by Ford to deliver parts from Europe to their massive Dagenham complex.
  • It is now a base for various Continental services.
  • Since 2009, there has been a refrigerated service from Valencia in Spain, which takes pallets back on the return journey.

Will the new Spanish service replace or augment the current one?

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  1. How are they dealing with the gauge change I wonder? Off loading containers from one set of con-flats to another?

    Comment by mauricegreed | April 27, 2020 | Reply

  2. I think they could be using the high speed lines in Spain, which are connected to the French network.

    Or they could be using dual gauge wagons.

    Searching Wikipedia, it looks like it’s the former.

    Comment by AnonW | April 27, 2020 | Reply

  3. With shortage of lorry drivers and more checks ought to final allow rail to make inroads into the corridor which has been pitiful since tunnel opened

    Comment by Nicholas Lewis | April 27, 2020 | Reply

    • I can see major trucking routes being picked off one-by-one by rail-based freight operators.

      There is surely no problem running services to Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Switzerland. I suspect that if the adjoining countries are standard gauge and the traffic is there, services could go further.

      The biggest problem, would be changing locomotives and adding and removing wagons at various places.

      Comment by AnonW | April 27, 2020 | Reply

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