The Anonymous Widower

Health Lessons From Lockdown

Are some of us learning things about ourselves during lockdown?

For myself!

Mental Health

I certainly think, that I’m handling the mental side well, as I’ve had several lockdowns in the past, usually when I want to get some software written.

Another programmer has told me, that he has used lockdowns to get software written in the past.

I am certainly getting bored though! You can only do so many serious puzzles from The Times.

Normally, if I feel bored, I get on a train or a bus and go somewhere interesting.


I’m taking exercise regularly and go for a regular walk most days. I’d probably walk more, if I felt like taking public transport more. But, I do feel, buses and trains could be a place to catch COVID-19.


My house tends to get a bit warm, so I’m drinking a lot.

Not strong alcohol, although there is quite a bit of 0.5% Adnams beer going down my throat, but mainly, still lemonade, tea and water.

The amount of fluid seems to have cured my periodic constipation.

On the other hand it does seem to have increased my INR, so I have reduced my Warfarin dosage from 4 to 3.5 mg. per day.


I seem to be sleeping well! But then I always do!


Except for the boredom, I think, that I’m doing OK.

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  1. My mental health isn’t too bad at all; if have problem with it they are usually in the form of anxiety – I became agoraphobic 20 odd years ago as a result something horrible happening. I am now recovered, but still feel anxious sometimes. I haven’t felt even remotely anxious about anything since I was put on beta blockers when I was in hospital a couple of months ago.

    Exercise – 8.30 every Tuesday morning my personal trainer whats apps me and we work out the exercise for that week, based on the cardiac rehab nurses instructions, and I do that work most days. I drink water, tea and the odd can of decaf diet coke as a treat – a couple of times a week. As a recovering alcoholic, alcohol isn’t an option.

    The hospital took me off one of my diabetic medications, and didnt replace it with anything else. The first thing was that I lost a lot of fluid which that medication had caused me to retain. And the second thing was that all my blood glucose levels have dropped quite a lot. So I need to check more often now, in case they go too low, which is a medical emergency.

    I am sleeping ok – and yes I get bored. TV is rubbish mostly. I am on Facebook but am careful not to become addicted, it would be easy to spend hours on there. But I Zoom; Monday is my sewing group day, and this afternoon we have had a Zoom get together, it was good, a catch up and chat about the sewing we mostly aren’t doing 😦

    Neil working from home, which he mostly does anyway, so we are both comfortable with that; and we get on well and enjoy each others company. I know many friends who are at their wits end being at home with their partner all day. I am very lucky. And also lucky that we are financially solvent, no debts, no mortgages.

    I hope you find an activity to help the boredom

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | April 27, 2020 | Reply

  2. I think tomorrow, I might break out! Nothing serious, but I could take a taxi to Oxford Street or walk to Bank and take a few pictures for my blog.

    Comment by AnonW | April 27, 2020 | Reply

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