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Nightingale Plan To Keep Hospitals Free From Coronavirus

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on The Times.

This is the introductory paragraph.

Britain’s Nightingale hospitals are being lined up to become the primary centres for treating Covid-19 patients as ministers announced that parts of the NHS would start reopening for routine care from this week.

It’s almost as if we’re going back to the concept of the Victorian fever hospital.

Where I lived in Southgate in North London as a child, the local hospital was Highlands, which was built with several separate blocks, with one for each different fever. It is now upmarket housing in a parkland setting.

T have three memories of treatment at the hospital.

  • In the early 1950s, I had my tonsils out in the hospital, which meant a week’s stay by myself.
  • My mother had her varicose veins treated there, where according to my father the surgeon was a very beautiful Indian lady, who did ward rounds in a sari.
  • The hospital fixed my left humerus, when it was broken by the school bully!

Unfortunately, they didn’t do the best job to fix my arm and it has given me trouble ever since.

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  1. I had my tonsils removed there too, circa 1970 (I still have unpleasant flashbacks), did my physio recovering from a left knee ACL tear circa 1980 (I was centre half for, arguably, Minchenden’s finest ever XI ) and the last time I went there was to its A&E to take younger brother, after an accident at home, circa ’85 …

    Comment by PJS | April 28, 2020 | Reply

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