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Coronavirus Pandemic Could Cause Deepest Recession On Record, Bank Warns

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on The Times.

If that is the bad news, what do I make of the sub-title of the article?

Economy projected to bounce back with 15 per cent growth in 2021

That would certainly be a lot better.

But is it feasible?

Readers of this blog, will know, that I regularly flag up ideas, that could help us all, create a greener planet.

Only yesterday, I wrote two articles about Equipmake; a company based in Norfolk, that aims to improve electric transport.

I can see a lot of these green ideas coming to fruition in the second half of this year, fuelled by copious thinking during the lockdown, furlough and the teaching of children. I believe the average guys and girls in the UK and the wider world will have been thinking hard about their future and that of the only planet we’ve got to live on.

This leads me to a green bounce, driven by renewable energy, energy storage, zero-carbon transport, fast internet, energy-efficient housing and other proven concepts.

I suspect though, it could be implemented in some new ways, which only now are being developed.

For every Equipmake, Highview Power, ITM Power and Riding Sunbeams how many other ideas are in development waiting to emerge?

There is also the question of finance.

  • I think, that there are a lot of people, who because they have a reserved occupation or a good pension, when we come fully out of lockdown, will have sensible money to spend.
  • Spending large amounts is difficult at present.
  • Some may have the money in the bank which was reserved for this year’s holiday of a lifetime.

Prudence, would say they might spend it on low-risk purchases and not on expensive exotic holidays, where they might get trapped in a second spike of COVID-19.

Could we see a lot more sales of zero-carbon cars, solar panels, house batteries and air source heat pumps?

Installing these would need a lot of qualified builders, electricians and fitters.

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  1. Our spending has dropped during the lockdown. We will use that money we have saved to go towards the work we were planning to have done on the house this year. My being in hospital meant it hasn’t happened, but the plan is to have the whole interior of the house re-decorated, all the remaining blown vinyl removed etc. The money we have saved will be added to the fund we have already to do that work. We will use a local tradesman, who we know is excellent.

    And we will be using local businesses when we can, as we usually do. Normally I meet a friend each week for lunch at a local cafe; we can’t wait to meet there again. And I have kept my personal trainer on throughout lockdown; we meet via WhatsApp each Tuesday morning for an hour; works well, it encourages me to do post-hospital rehab stuff.

    I would have chosen an electric car if I had somewhere to charge it. Our roof isn’t suitable for solar panels, and we have been doing “reduce/reuse/recycle for 40 years, back when people thought we were crazy. And we use local businesses as much as we can, and then family businesses for things like the fabric I use.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | May 7, 2020 | Reply

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