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Natron Energy, Developer Of Sodium-Ion Batteries, Raises $35M As Investment In Storage Surges

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on pv Magazine.

This is the introductory paragraph.

The startup is building a battery using Prussian blue analogue electrodes and a sodium-ion electrolyte. Investors include ABB Technology Ventures, NanoDimension Capital, Volta Energy Technologies, Chevron, Khosla Ventures, and Prelude Ventures.

But what are Prussian Blue analogue electrodes?

Looking up Prussian Blue, it is more than just an colour used by artists, with some interesting chemistry.

Natron Energy have this mission statement on their web site.

Natron Energy (formerly Alveo Energy) is an energy storage company that is developing a new high power, long cycle life, low-cost battery technology for industrial applications. Natron’s batteries offer higher power density, faster recharge, and longer cycle life than incumbent technologies. They can be economically produced from commodity materials on existing cell manufacturing lines. Natron is backed by leading venture capital investors and has received support from ARPA-E.

Digging further, the company appears to be a spin-off from Stanford University.


It does appear, that if you have a feasible idea in energy storage, that you can get backing from names that people have heard of.




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