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Long-Duration Energy Storage Makes Progress But Regulation Lags Technology

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on pv Magazine.

It is a detailed summary of around twenty long-term energy storage systems.

It gives a paragraph or a mention to the following.

  • Pintail Power – California, US
  • Highview Power – UK
  • Malta – US
  • Brayton Energy – US
  • Echogen – US
  • Azwlio – Sweden
  • 1414 Degrees – Australia
  • Alumina – US
  • Antora Energy – US
  • Primus – US
  • Invinity – US/UK
  • Sumitomo – Japan
  • UET – US
  • ESS
  • ViZn – US
  • Form Energy – US
  • Range Energy – US
  • Mitsuibishi Power Systems – Japan
  • Gravity Power – US
  • Ares Power – US
  • Energy Vault -US (?)
  • Quidnet Energy – US

The article links to many of the company web sites.

There are some others, that the author has missed including the Gravitricity, which is Scottish, Siemens Ganesa ETES, which is German and Zinc8, which is Canadian.

There are a large number of competitors, lining up to compete in a large market.

The article finishes with some notes on the role of regulators, saying this.

Storage and long-duration storage technologies are here today – but regulators and utility commissions at the federal and state level are still adjusting.

William Conlon, president of thermal storage startup, Pintail Power is quoted with an example.

Long-duration storage technology in California is locked out because of the nature of California’s resource adequacy (RA) requirements. “Four hours is what California wants for RA. If you provide eight hours you only get paid for four hours. We’re at four hours today because that’s what you get paid for.

Regulators must get it right.


Is UK regulation up to scratch, as we certainly have masses of renewable energy.


August 28, 2020 - Posted by | Energy, Energy Storage

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