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Social Distancing In An Empty Train

On Sunday morning, I went to Croydon to look at Windmill Bridge, in Croydon, which I wrote about in Croydon Area Remodelling Scheme – Lower Addiscombe Road / Windmill Bridge.

On the way, I found myself in a more or less empty carriage, as these pictures show.

It all got me thinking.

  • Generally, the rule in most of the world, is that you should keep a given number of metres apart.
  • But supposing, that each public space were to be given a figure for the maximum number of people, who can occupy the space.
  • I think, this has already happened in London, where thirty passengers seems to be the maximum number allowed on a double-deck bus.
  • Buses and train carriages are public spaces.

But supposing each space was to be assigned a figure for the number of people present, below which the wearing of masks would be optional.

On a bus or train, the customer announcements would change appropriately.

Some might argue, it would be confusing, but it might nudge passenger behaviour in the right way.

  • More might travel.
  • More might travel at less busy times.
  • I suspect that many on a long commute, take their masks off, as they get near home, as te train empties out anyway!
  • It should be born in mind, that many modern trains, trams and buses, may know how many passengers are on board, as they can count passengers.

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  1. Just think you may be the only passenger on a 12 carriage train and yet your legally required to wear a mask yet 5 people can travel in a car with no requirements to wear masks !

    I believe it’s this requirement to wear masks not only on trains but even in stations which is deterring rail travel and destroying businesses at stations.

    Yet you can sit for hours in pubs and restaurants without wearing a mask but enter to buy a takeaway and you are required to mask up for the few minutes your being served !

    Of course many people’s idea of wearing a mask is to have one dangling around ones chin and given lack of legal challenges might be perfectly legitimate?

    Comment by Melvyn | September 2, 2020 | Reply

  2. I would agree!

    I have problems wearing my glasses with a mask. As I have a beard, the combination is not comfortable and the glasses fall off. So I now always put my glasses in my shirt pocket.

    There is a market opportunity there somewhere for a designer.

    Comment by AnonW | September 2, 2020 | Reply

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